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1/10 Our product portfolio

ranges from separation management to outplacement and premium placement.


2/10 Our USP

What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


3/10 OutPlacement 2.0

is the further development of the OutPlacement approach for a future-oriented separation.


4/10 NewPlacement 8S

is based on the well-founded Management Integral and stands for its 8 runways to success.


5/10 PremiumPlacement

for managing directors / C-level with high demands on individuality and networking.


6/10 Upgrade from outplace

for managers who are stuck in an outplace or transfer measure without success.


7/10 Career advice

based on the management balance for decisions under security and with a future.


8/10 Rescue Coaching

is aimed at managers who find themselves on the "downward" slope in their jobs.


9/10 Online Coaching

on demand is aimed primarily at expatriates in change and managers worldwide.


10/10 Separation management

includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


1. Application strategy

Here, too, the operational follows the strategy. Based on the well-founded market maturity and after the decision for "stay or go", the next career step is planned internally or externally or also in parallel. For the external solution, the open (reactive) and the hidden (proactive) application market must be scanned and each checked for matching. The intensity of the scan depends on the own situation (not terminated, terminated, released) in the current company. Only individual projects can be handled in a "secret mission". Referral marketing via third parties is the most harmless. In the other case you need access to unpublished vacancies in the European headhunter universe via the NewPlacement-Coach. Internal development requires a lot of diplomacy, politics and a good external sparring partner. If you have been unsuccessfully active in the recruitment market for some time, we recommend a joint status analysis from the meta level.

2. Broad market scan

20 years ago, the headhunter market was not yet so diversified. At that time, the applicant received a list of 10-20 promising recruiters for his research or sending of initiative documents. At that time, the criteria for selection were mainly content-related. Today, on the other hand, many search projects are awarded on the basis of networking criteria. Managing directors who have had good experiences in their own search are understandably guided by this in their headhunter selection. Owners often look for "confidants" who guarantee a completely confidential search because only one person is involved. If you now knew "who with whom and why", you could focus again on 10 headhunters. Otherwise, you need a broad market scan, especially to cover the top undercover projects. If you focus on a single headhunter who may also offer outplacement, you lose sight of the overall market with its multitude of undercover offers and risk significantly longer search times.

3. Reactive applications

In the case of reactive applications, the success story is individualized in advance together with the NewPlacement coach based on the 50-70 demand factors of the searching company and the decision-makers in order to generate a quickly recognizable high degree of matching. Additional "content ballast", which originates from the ego rotation of the applicant, remains unconsidered. You know about the bait that is offered to the ...

4. inverse headhunting 2.0 hybrid

In the hybrid version, the needs research and approach is carried out with the key decision-makers in the company with the individual matching based on your management balance sheet. The successful matching is based on 150-200 performance, experience and competence values, soft skills and motivations, which are explored by the management integral. An approach without this foundation burns contacts as well as opportunities and wastes time and money.

5. Networking

We use the contacts of our entire partnership and PersonalAG as well as the headhunter universe. After "revitalization", your personal contact network is an ideal source of information about current and future changes in the companies of your contacts that could be relevant for you. However, due in part to compliance, influence and bypass HR, it is not an appropriate conduit for your application or materials. This information should be sent via referral marketing directly to the relevant decision maker via a third party (hybrid, free of charge for the company). This is also how the relevant contacts from the NewPlacement network are handled. The maintenance of the contact network is often underestimated. It is difficult to reactivate contacts that you have not "served" for 5 or 10 years for your job search. For this purpose, NewPlacement has developed a corresponding multi-stage tool that helps you to revitalize or increase the "usable" contact network for your job search.

6. Interim Management

Our SeniorPartners support you in the longer-term transition to work as an interim manager. However, if you are limited in your mobility and flexibility with regard to a new job due to a property, your partner's job, your children's school and social environment, parents in need of care and circle of friends, the fixed job alternatives are naturally also reduced accordingly. Solutions in the form of career setbacks, longer sabbaticals, weekend relationships or interim solutions must be weighed up very carefully. If the interim position is interesting in terms of its content and objectives, it could be considered, regardless of the level, in order to gain time for the search for a longer-term and strategically correct position. However, new placement experience is required when presenting this interim position in the CV.

7. Digital Me

In the application process, everyone wishes to be found by suitable job providers instead of having to proactively go the often tedious and covert way of the application market. In fact, this variant also exists. Researchers plough through the social media, usually on behalf of headhunters. A professional digital profile is of course helpful. To do this, you should be able to put yourself in the researcher's shoes and build your profile accordingly. For example, a CFO should not mention "finance" as a matter of course of his job. Most profiles are full of repetitions, generic terms related to your previous job and "spontaneous inspirations". It can take a while until you are found. And yet it would be so easy to make a corresponding transformation into the digital world after jointly developing a performance, experience and competence profile. Counterproductive entries at GOOGLE can only be taken out of the picture with a lot of experience.

8. Self-employment

We also advise candidates who want to switch to self-employment in the longer term as a sparring partner on the basis of our many years of experience in this area. On the other hand, self-employment to improve the starting position on the job application market is an important strategy element to overcome periods of unemployment but can also lead to permanent challenges. For self-employed people who want to return to a permanent position, we offer individual solutions.

9. Contract

Contract negotiations carry a not inconsiderable risk of a late failure of the application if the tension is not kept high. In particular, "unimportant" personal aspects (car, business trips, etc.) are often given too much priority. If, for example, no one in the company receives capital-forming benefits, they will not reopen the discussion with the works council on your behalf in this regard.
Further information in person

Our SeniorPartners, who are experienced in the organization and have a strong network of contacts, with a broad and deep background in the industry and in their functions, will be happy to answer your questions about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, career counselling and coaching for a professional development, rescue, separation, application and integration process in writing by e-mail, by telephone, by video conference or in a personal meeting close to you. According to your wishes and of course individually, without obligation and free of charge.
Please use one of the three options for your questions or to contact us.

Further information personal

Our experienced and strongly networked SeniorPartners with broad and deep industry and functional backgrounds will be happy to answer your questions about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, career consulting and coaching for a professional development, rescue, separation, application and integration process in writing by e-mail, telephone, video conference or in a personal meeting in your area. According to your wishes and of course individually, without obligation and free of charge.
Please use one of the three options for your questions or to contact us.