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1/10 Our product portfolio

ranges from separation management to outplacement and premium placement.


2/10 Our USP

What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


3/10 OutPlacement 2.0

is the further development of the OutPlacement approach for a future-oriented separation.


4/10 NewPlacement 8S

is based on the well-founded Management Integral and stands for its 8 runways to success.


5/10 PremiumPlacement

for managing directors / C-level with high demands on individuality and networking.


6/10 Upgrade from outplace

for managers who are stuck in an outplace or transfer measure without success.


7/10 Career advice

based on the management balance for decisions under security and with a future.


8/10 Rescue Coaching

is aimed at managers who find themselves on the "downward" slope in their jobs.


9/10 Online Coaching

on demand is aimed primarily at expatriates in change and managers worldwide.


10/10 Separation management

includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


Fee overview for GF-/C-Level, executives and specialists

In addition to NewPlacement coaching for management, C-level, executives and specialists, we offer companies support in the fair, future-oriented and relaxed separation process for specialists and executives: Fee structure for companies (group and individual consultations, prevention, presence, online and hybrid) The professional support of professional reorientation for job seekers on a fee basis has developed rapidly in Germany, as management, C-level, executives and specialists increasingly demand professional support or protection in the (unsecured) expectation of a correspondingly high sum of salaries until retirement. Mistakes in the separation phase or professional reorientation can quickly have high financial consequences due to longer search times or concessions in the strategic shaping of the future.
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We calculate our fees individually after getting to know the candidate personally. Only when we have more detailed information about the specific starting conditions, such as current status, education, mobility, appearance, experience and personal objectives, can we roughly estimate the support required. Of course, the scope of services can also be tailored to a concretely defined budget. Our standard for pricing in each individual case is that the fee and conditions must be in reasonable proportion to the complexity and quality of the service. This is what we call fee reasonableness. However, the effort and thus also the fee are always influenced by the realities of the labor market. We offer limited (time-limited), flexible (number of weeks in any arrangement), modular (e.g. goal-setting in case of latent dissatisfaction in the job, etc.) or phase offers and corresponding (performance-based) rate models, which take into account your individual liquidity and, depending on the individual case (various success factors), can also be capped if necessary. Our all-round carefree premium package "NewPlacement-Coaching until success" or "with additional continuation guarantee during the probationary period or beyond" is individually calculated according to the initial situation, salary and support requirements after the informational interview. However, for some offers, such as PremiumPlacement, there are also variable fees with reference to the new annual salary, among other things. Due to absolute confidentiality, phase or installment models with success-dependent components (amount of the new salary) can only be offered to self-payers. Contracts with companies can only be concluded for absolute amounts. Company budgets for NewPlacement and self-payments can also be combined. Pure career coaching can be billed on a daily or hourly basis in special cases like our executive coaching. After the non-binding and free of charge informational interview, we will be happy to make you an offer that suits you best in this case as well. Rigid price lists, all-inclusive offers and flat rates rarely do justice to the situation of qualified specialists and executives, according to our many years of experience and our firm conviction. In addition, the personal relationship of trust with the coach (eye level) is also a very important factor for success in the consulting and coaching process. In this respect, too, we believe that a personal informational interview is extremely valuable and a necessary prerequisite.
Key question for executives:
What amount do you want to earn in total until your retirement? And what fraction of that do you want to invest in your career security? Depending on the duration until retirement and the amount of your annual salary, even 1-2% can make a big difference.
Unfortunately, we cannot charge placement vouchers of the employment agency because of the specification (time, place, etc.). Nevertheless, please contact us for an appropriate offer.

Further information personal

Our experienced and strongly networked SeniorPartners with broad and deep industry and functional backgrounds will be happy to answer your questions about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, career consulting and coaching for a professional development, rescue, separation, application and integration process in writing by e-mail, telephone, video conference or in a personal meeting in your area. According to your wishes and of course individually, without obligation and free of charge.
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