References / real cases

The SeniorPartners of NewPlacement AG work both on behalf of affected managing directors, C-levels, executives or specialists  (consulting examples) and companies (also additional offers for specialists). In recent years, we have successfully accompanied executives and employees into new roles for more than half of the 30 DAX companies and other listed companies. A large number of executives from the remaining DAX or MDAX companies have had the fee paid out as additional severance pay due to exclusive specifications from the companies regarding the outplacement provider and then turned to us as self-payers.
When asked for references, we deliberately ask for corresponding former candidates on the basis of your questions or, when working with companies, we establish contacts with companies with whom we have been working for some time. From our point of view, references only bring added value if, after an informational interview, you would like to verify specific things with candidates who have already experienced this situation with us. This also helps you to avoid possible fake references.
This is why we deliberately do not publish references on our website, as for us confidentiality has absolute priority over advertising.
Major projects with several managers in recent times have been in the FMCG, energy, banking, insurance, paper and packaging and IT sectors. Our industry expertise is extensive due to the diverse experience and networks of our SeniorPartners, who can be called upon by the Headcoach at any time to act as industry and expert coaches. The following consulting examples are all real, but anonymized and modified, so that no inference to specific projects or persons is possible.

Consulting examples

28. Job search - Chris relies on the NewPlacement-Coach
#outplacement #job search #application #onboarding 
Chris is doing the job search after the separation together with the NewPlacement-Coach. | read more
27. Gerd - first onboarding

#outplacement #job search #application #onboarding 
Gerd tries the job search after the separation first on his own. | read more

26. Shoot out (CEO)
#matching #interview strategy
Intensive preparation for the final round of interviews with the coach. Without winning the final round, all previous activities were of no value. | read more
25. From the Hot Seat to the Driver Seat (Managing Director)

#application40plus #withoutstudy
Not applied for a job since the bank apprenticeship and that without studies. Only with appropriate projection to the new job, you have a chance here. | read on
24. The step to a top executive (marketing director)

#Management-Integral #MuchForgotten #AccessWithCoach
Only with the Management-Integral came the memories. Without experienced exploration from qualitative market research, this story would not have happened. | read more
23. change to self-employment - My new boss is the market! (Sales Manager)

#Start-up #Self-employment #AccessToDecision-Makers
Sometimes the path leads to self-employment. Sometimes, however, only to improve the starting position on the job application market. | read on
22. perpetrator or victim? (Managing Director)

#Change Motivation #Pushed&Affected
If you push for changes in the interest of the company, they can also lead to your own separation. There is no better change motivation than to put the company's interest above your own.| read more
21. On the way to becoming an executive (Food Engineer)
#OwnResignation #NothingBurns #CoachingOnDemand
Even if career progress is not going ahead in your own company, you should not break any china when changing. You always see each other twice in life. | read more
20. Successful through change of perspective
ApplicationWithoutSuccess #Meta-Level #PreviousJob
As long as the previous job is not processed until the motivation to change, the application process does not go forward. Looking back in anger has no place in the application process. | read more
19. When time is running out .
#Long runner #Mobility #Flexibility
When a consultation takes longer, advice increases, doubt grows and downgrading considerations come up. If necessary, interim work can provide breathing room. | read more
18. Keeping the reins in the crisis

#supervisory board #separation communication
You have helped me to see things differently. I didn't want to see the changes of the last months (shareholder structure, retreat of colleagues). | read more
17. parallels to sports

#projection #future
In the final round with the owner it was more about strategy, which I had prepared with the coach. After 4h they showed me my new office. | read more
16. is my way the right way?

#Alternatives #Self-employment
Despite a quick decision for a new challenge, the doubts increased. Only after alternatives were presented, I was able to follow this path consistently. | read more
15. it "grinds" in the new job

#Onboarding #Terrain securing
Especially in the first months of onboarding, people definitely try to break into their own terrain. Partly just to see where it leads. | read more
14. industry change
industry change #projection When transforming the industry, it should be clearly worked out which parallels and transferability exist. Ideally, the new company will benefit from new ways of thinking. | read more
13. once in the desert and back

#insolvency #winding up
If you as a managing director are pushed into an insolvency by the shareholders, you can improve your starting position in the application market in the further handling up to the search for investors (M&A). | Read more
12. Am I already too old?

#The more specific your own projection for the new job is, the more likely it is that you will be able to persuade decision-makers in the company to take the initiative in creating new vacancies. | read more
11. Exploit all possibilities

#longshots #refocus #jobselection
Sometimes it takes a little time in the application process for the candidate to become more attuned to the needs of the counterpart and to score points with his or her job projection. | read more
10. High Goals (Division Manager)

#Relationships #Use Value Analysis #Job Insurance
When choosing from multiple jobs, one thing that helps is your own use value analysis and another is a willingness to take risks. With an experienced coach, you can go for more risk. | read more
9. To new shores (sales)
#self-marketing #meta-level
After the anger about the breakup has faded, you can also look at the positive. Pause and just look at it from above and create the future. | read more
8. Step into a new job (marketing man)

#FromSelf-Employment #Transformation
From self-employment to permanent employment is a paradigm shift that should be accompanied by a coach with management experience. | read more
7. leap into the board (head of sales)

#Organschaft #Garantie
The first leap into the board (GF, board of directors) is the biggest career step with high demands on diplomacy and politics( to replace the owner completely or partially). | read more
6. Establishing herself in a male domain (Head of Compliance)

#Projection #Job Insurance #InternalTitleaspirant
Our candidate successfully fought her way into a position that was previously only open to men. In the process, with our help, she was able to sell the benefits of compliance to all 3 board members individually. | read more
5. Broken Friendship (Sales Engineer)

#Friendship #Change Motivation
If the friend becomes the new boss and to secure this constantly demands. Then only the separation with a comprehensible change motivation remains. | read more
4. time to go (project engineer)

#passed over #initiation
If one is passed over again and again for several years with the occupation of the superior, one should also think about departure and new beginning. |read on
3. spouse (commercial manager)
#weaknesses #realignment #partner
If a weakness affects the whole job, one should work on it on the one hand but pay attention to this very requirement in the next job. | read more
2. activating the personal network (project manager)

#secretiveness #weaknesses #self-awareness
If no one is supposed to know about one's resignation, networking becomes difficult. Life paths diverge and this can be dealt with openly. | read more
1. the angler - hobby to profession (logistics manager)

#choleric #leadership weakness #self-awareness
If professional skills and leadership weakness do not go together (discrepancy), one should work on this with a coach or break up to be able to deal with this issue. | read more