Easy come, easy go. Once you have been selected in a professional application process and your personal matching has secured your acceptance, you should keep up the tension. Unlike a politician, you don't have 100 days, but must consistently follow your individual onboarding strategy from the very first hour.

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Table of contents

1. strategy & organizational constellation
2. The first day
3. Filling the vacuum & securing the terrain
4. Employees & Jour Fixe
5. Colleagues & Meetings
6. Superiors / supervisory bodies
7. 100-day paper
8. Completion of probationary period
Interview: Professional onboarding for managers and companies

1. strategy & organization constellation

Before starting a new challenge, an intensive strategic preparation with an organizational constellation with the coach must take place. All known 360-degree interfaces and the informal relationships are recorded, evaluated and strategically planned. All foreseeable risks are implemented in an early warning system.

2. the first day

The first day or the first impression left (including the inaugural speech) paves the way for onboarding or already becomes a burden. The application process continues with 360 degrees. After the contract has been signed, you have usually only won over 2-3 decision-makers in the company. The first 100 days should be used to win over committees, other managing directors, colleagues, employees, customers and external partners (suppliers, agencies). The 5:55 method is particularly helpful when first getting to know each other, and at meetings the transformation into the previous career, instead of rash strategy proposals. It is also crucial to pay attention to the many red lines of relationships inside and outside the company (who with whom and why), for understanding and political behaviour. As a new leader, you will also have to deal with turf demarcation or expansion from colleagues. Onboarding coaching by an experienced NewPlacement coach with preparatory organizational constellation and on-demand provides security.

3. fill vacuum & secure terrain

If the position has been orphaned for some time, responsibilities often need to be reclaimed and new boundaries drawn. But here you have to set priorities in the onboarding strategy together with the NewPlacement coach, as well as constantly review and adjust. Under no circumstances should a wall of resistance be allowed to form that "begs" for your failure.

4. employees & Jour Fixe

The current hierarchical structure of the employees must be quickly grasped. A new jour fixe culture is needed for groups as well as for individual discussions.


5. colleagues & meetings

Colleagues also need to be won over. Everyone first checks what your attitude means for them personally and what benefit or danger you pose. In the first management meetings, do not allow yourself to be lured into making hasty recommendations, but instead parry them with analogies from your previous professional career (see also Essence). The personal orientation meetings must be planned and carried out according to the 5:55 base method.

6. supervisor / supervisory bodies

A proactive jour fixe culture with an agenda and protocol system must also be established with the superior or the supervisory bodies. As an "outsider", many things come to mind that are taken for granted and "always have been" in the company. Irritating topics are discussed in advance with the NewPlacement coach and then carefully explored within the company. Especially if you have been out of a job for a longer period of time, many managers tend to overdo it with fatal border crossings.

7. 100-day paper

Even if it is not necessarily required, a 100-day paper that bundles the entire intelligence of the company helps with integration and reflection during the induction period. Check the individual topics for explosiveness and don't overwhelm anyone with insights from the meta-level here either. During the induction period, you have explored individual issues over and over again, you now know the stakeholders, the concerns, the anxiety about change and the boundaries. All of these insights influence the 100-day paper.


8. completion of probationary period

Even if the probationary period has been successfully completed, you should not let your early warning system fall asleep. "It will be alright" is also after the probationary period principle hope and loss of the meta-level as well as reason for a sparring with the NewPlacement-Coach, who offers this on demand. A possible takeover talk should also be well planned and take reflection as well as goals into account.

Professional onboarding for managers and companies


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OutPlacement-News: Onboarding is often only described from the company's perspective, but your focus is on the new managers.

NewPlacement.com: While onboarding from the company's perspective is intended to ensure greater motivation, productivity and loyalty by communicating positioning, values, goals, culture, internal procedures and processes, developing induction plans and providing a mentor, we focus on onboarding from the perspective of the new managers. We don't want to use the old saying "easy come, easy go", but the onboarding of managers is often given too little importance compared to the signing of a contract. Strategic preparation and support "on demand" are a key factor in our holistic success model NewPlacement.com.

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