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1/10 Our product portfolio

ranges from separation management to outplacement and premium placement.


2/10 Our USP

What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


3/10 OutPlacement 2.0

is the further development of the OutPlacement approach for a future-oriented separation.


4/10 NewPlacement 8S

is based on the well-founded Management Integral and stands for its 8 runways to success.


5/10 PremiumPlacement

for managing directors / C-level with high demands on individuality and networking.


6/10 Upgrade from outplace

for managers who are stuck in an outplace or transfer measure without success.


7/10 Career advice

based on the management balance for decisions under security and with a future.


8/10 Rescue Coaching

is aimed at managers who find themselves on the "downward" slope in their jobs.


9/10 Online Coaching

on demand is aimed primarily at expatriates in change and managers worldwide.


10/10 Separation management

includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


Goal setting

Without clear objectives, application activities make no sense. You don't just need any job, but the strategically right job with the opportunity to follow. You will experience this clarity in the exclusive NewPlacement process with the exploration of your management integral (achievements, experiences, competencies, soft skills and motivations), the re-biography (your view from the meta-levels) and your personal value analysis in the mirror of your current job or existing offers.

1. full day biography

The biography takes place in different intensities (package, level, age, stations). Moderated by the SeniorPartner, who has been trained internally for this purpose (FernUni), it generates up to 150-200 performance, experience and competence values as well as soft skills and motivations, which flow into your personal management balance sheet. In addition, fields of action are identified which should find room in your future professional career for high performance and satisfaction. Often values are excluded in the ego rotation as a matter of course, which however represent important decision factors for third parties when appointing a manager. Therefore, the SeniorPartner pays attention to an exploration without hasty evaluations. Just as a skyscraper needs a solid veneer, this basis created by the biography is indispensable for an application and the necessary matching.

2. soft skills and motivations

Soft skills, motivations and special events are what make a professional career a success story. Change motivations and internal counteroffers coherently connect individual stations of the career. The soft skills (strengths and weaknesses) find more credibility and verifiability through their integration into the success story and assignment to performance, experience and competence values. Special events, such as job hopping and prolonged unemployment, must not lead to spontaneous rejection of the application. Their reappraisal requires the expert and experienced hand of the NewPlacement-Coach.

3. re-biography

One of our most important tools is the re-biography, which enables the candidate to reflect on his management record in a unique way from the meta-level. For this purpose, the coach takes over the candidate's career for a certain period of time. The candidate becomes an observer and is not allowed to intervene. This creates a completely new kind of joint analysis and the opportunity to work through "stumbling blocks" before the first interviews. This also avoids the so-called critical 5 minutes, which often lead to a break-off in the process. The re-biography is an important USP in the coaching of NewPlacement AG and has been constantly refined over the last 20 years.

4. your utility analysis

Your personal utility analysis for your professional future includes all relevant parameters with prioritization. Among other things, private aspects, leadership issues, interactions, compensation framework, tasks and perspectives are recorded and prioritized. The reflection to the current task and job offers clarifies the current status as well as the matching to other tasks. This analysis is fundamental for the decision "to go or to stay" and the subsequent target focus.

5. scan of demand factors

The demand factors in relation to current job advertisements for positions that correspond to the target orientation must be elicited and mirrored with the approximately 150 performance, experience and competence values in order to be able to carry out a realistic and timely opportunity assessment. If necessary, deficits can be eliminated by further training or proven by analogies. The extraction of demand factors should be left to the experienced coach.

6. target setting

Imagine you are standing in a marketplace from which many paths lead off. Some of them are wrong ways, others look like an avenue at the first moment, but after a few bends they end in a dead end and others look extremely tedious at first sight and then turn into an avenue. We have already been on all roads with our candidates and can therefore help you to illuminate and evaluate individual roads. Our approach also allows you to follow several paths in parallel if you do not want to decide in advance between a management position and self-employment. Only with this clear focus can documents and approach for the further process be professionally aligned to achieve market readiness.

Further information personal

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