OutPlacement consulting

Outplacement refers not only to leaving the company but also to external support for the professional reorientation of managers and employees until success is achieved. Based on years of experience, a coach provides professional support for separation, termination agreements, references, documents, goal setting, launching, job interviews, contract conclusion and onboarding.

4/11 OutPlacement 2.0 is the further development of the OutPlacement approach for a future-oriented separation.


5/11 NewPlacement is based on the well-founded Management Integral and stands for its 8 runways to success.


6/11 PremiumPlacement for managing directors / C-level with high demands on individuality and networking.


7/11 Upgrade for managers who are stuck in an outplace or transfer measure without success.


8/11 Career advice based on the management balance for decisions under security and with a future.


9/11 Rescue Coaching is aimed at managers who find themselves on the "downward" slope in their jobs.


10/11 Online Coaching on demand is aimed primarily at expatriates in change and managers worldwide.


11/11 Directory. 115 linked keywords from A-Z about career, separation, networking, application and success.


For more than 30 years, our partnership has helped professionals and executives with their careers and job searches with nearly 100% success.


1/11 Our product portfolio ranges from separation management to outplacement and premium placement.


2/11 Our USP. What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


3/11 Separation management includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


30 questions about OutPlacement consulting

Of course, these FAQs are no substitute for a personal information meeting with the coach, during which the individual specifics of the situation of the person concerned can be addressed.

OutPlacement-News: What are the goals of OutPlacement consulting?
NewPlacement.com: The goals of all our OutPlacement measures are best summarized with the following 8 points:
▪ to significantly increase the chance of finding a new job with the variety of accesses opened up,
▪ to make positioning and documents more attractive with a biographical approach (management integral) and cooperation with the coach,
▪ to significantly improve job interviews with research, preparation and interview strategy,
▪ to successfully counter stagnation and loss through early collaboration in the current job,
▪ to make onboarding and integration easier through job insurance,
▪ to professionally tackle all difficulties through coaching on demand,
▪ to ease unavoidable separations and create a win-win situation for both sides with a focus on the future,
▪ to promote professional development through updates.
The exit of those affected should lead to a new "real" job as quickly as possible without a dispute. The person concerned retains decision-making authority at every stage, while the coach takes responsibility for the process.

OutPlacement-News: What are the origins of outplacement (history)?
NewPlacement.com: After the Second World War, returning soldiers had to be quickly placed in suitable jobs. This task was taken over by government agencies. The name referred to leaving (out) the army and active assistance (placement) in finding a job.

OutPlacement-News: How would you translate OutPlacement today?
NewPlacement.com: OutPlacement is a type of care provided by companies that goes beyond separation and makes the severance agreement attractive to those affected in addition to a severance payment. If possible, this separation is preferred to dismissal. OutPlacement helps to make the exit more compatible and therefore more relaxed for both sides.

OutPlacement-News: What exactly is OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: OutPlacement provides future orientation, relaxation and fairness for those affected and companies during the separation process. It strengthens job prospects and the corporate culture.

OutPlacement-News: What are the advantages of a termination agreement including outplacement vs. dismissal?
NewPlacement.com: Professional separation management is characterized by relaxation, fairness and future orientation. While a termination merely regulates the exit, the termination agreement with outplacement offers future orientation. If a severance payment is then included for any transition period to the new job, the company will do justice to its care beyond the separation.

OutPlacement-News: Who gets outplacement advice?
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, a company should offer a suitable outplacement measure to all specialists and managers who have to leave the company for various reasons.

OutPlacement-News: When do you need outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: If the person concerned lacks orientation with regard to the new target job, sufficient suitable vacancies, experience in the application process, access to jobs and decision-makers as well as their own meaningful portfolio, they should seek OutPlacement advice.

OutPlacement-News: What advantages does OutPlacement offer for the person concerned?
NewPlacement.com: The support from the coach gives self-confidence, process security and shortens the time to the new job for the person concerned enormously. The company acts responsibly, sends clear signals to the rest of the workforce and guarantees personnel development beyond the separation.

OutPlacement-News: Are there also disadvantages to outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: If the outplacement offer signals to those affected that they don't have to worry about anything apart from signing the contract, this automatically leads to dissatisfaction. Those affected have to work intensively, both in the preparation and in the implementation of the application activities.

OutPlacement-News: How long does an OutPlacement consultation last ?
NewPlacement.com: Depending on requirements and budget, advice is provided until the target is set, market maturity, contract or the end of successful onboarding. In the case of guaranteed contracts, consulting is revived in the event of separation during the probationary period.

OutPlacement-News: What are the different phases of OutPlacement consulting?
NewPlacement.com: The basis of professional consulting is an inventory of all performance, experience and competence values as well as soft skills in the context of the career (biography). This results in an attractive offer to the job market, which is made available to suitable candidates. After the actual application process comes the contract phase and onboarding.

OutPlacement-News: What are the specific application measures in OutPlacement consulting?
NewPlacement.com: The so-called runways to success are the reactive and proactive applications to personnel consultancies and companies. In addition, information on vacancies from the provider's network and those affected is used for further activities. In addition, an attractive "digital self" provides a good basis for researchers. The individualization of the documents (cover letter, short or detailed profile) is important in all these measures.

OutPlacement-News: Does the company have to specify the outplacement provider?
NewPlacement.com: Some companies have concluded exclusive contracts with an outplacement provider. This means that they assume sole responsibility for the interaction between the coach and the person concerned and for supporting the application process. Many companies and those affected do not want this and only carry out the pre-selection. For example, they offer those affected three different providers that differ in terms of their positioning on the market. The person concerned decides on the provider, methodology and coach after appropriate informational discussions.

OutPlacement-News: What do you have to look out for in an outplacement provider?
NewPlacement.com: There are a lot of "lone wolves" who offer outplacement consulting. Their network is smaller and more regional compared to providers with several (inter)national partners. If the coach falls ill, those affected usually have to suspend counseling until they recover. In the case of providers with several partners and the same methodology, another partner can step in immediately. Lone wolves often go round in their own circles in terms of methodology, while other providers benefit from mutual supervision and internal workshops.
Furthermore, those affected must pay attention to the coaches' many years of management experience. Are they freelancers / part-timers or exclusive full-time professionals?
Furthermore, the providers differ in their methodology (degree of individuality vs. standards) and the various runway options to success.

OutPlacement-News: What should you look for in an OutPlacement consultant ?
NewPlacement.com: Your consultant will be helped by their own management, separation and psychological experience, they must be able to take a step back and focus on your person and, they need a sustainable and resilient network. Leading OutPlacement providers guarantee several years of training for their coaches.

OutPlacement-News: How do you find the right OutPlacement consultant?
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, the company has sounded out the market and made a shortlist of 3 providers. The employee concerned then conducts intensive, detailed informational interviews with the potential coaches. In addition to the chemistry with the coach, he also pays attention to the coach's empathy for the particular personal situation and his "advice" behavior. You should make sure that you get to know the future coach personally and sufficiently before making a commitment. You should not accept an acquirer's promise to select the right coach.

OutPlacement-News: What contract models are there?
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, the company covers the consulting fee for 3-6 months (limited) or even indefinitely until success is achieved (contract). In the case of executives, guarantee contracts (continuation in the event of separation during the probationary period) are also assumed after a long period of employment. In general, an extension option should always be agreed in Limited contracts for those affected on favorable terms. In some cases, the company only pays part of the costs. The rest is covered by a partial conversion of the severance pay (tax advantage) or the additional payment by the person concerned.

OutPlacement-News: What is the difference between OutPlacement, NewPlacement and PremiumPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: The requirements in the application process vary greatly depending on the hierarchy level in terms of documents, contact persons, processes and matching. Therefore, the OutPlacement provider should offer individually tailored programs for specialists, managers and specialists as well as management and C-level employees.

OutPlacement-News: What is the difference between individual and group OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: Individual counseling addresses the individual needs of those affected. Group counseling, often found in transfer companies, is more general and characterized by standards. Extroverts often dominate the topics. Individual needs cannot be given the appropriate attention in the group. The fee is lower in the group, but not always cheaper.

OutPlacement-News: What advantages does the employer have from using OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: Times of separation generally affect the entire workforce. People are very interested in how the company deals with those affected. This is why the culture of separation has a considerable impact on the working atmosphere, the loyalty of those "left behind" and the image of the company. On the other hand, avoiding legal disputes and leaving before the end of the notice period reduces costs.

OutPlacement-News: What role does OutPlacement play in so-called voluntary programs?
NewPlacement.com: In professional separation management, there are the so-called volunteer programs with which the company releases a certain number of the workforce. Specialists and managers can sign up for these programs. If the line manager does not veto the program, a goal-setting session with a coach can be used. Only then is the decision made to leave the company by means of a termination agreement. The goal-setting process is then followed by advice until success is achieved or, at best, guaranteed. Specialists and managers also receive an additional severance payment. The leave of absence must be agreed with the line manager.

OutPlacement-News: What is the works council 's position on outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: The works council is only in favour of separations in certain cases. In such cases, however, it supports professional separation management with a termination agreement with severance pay and OutPlacement as an alternative to dismissal and legal disputes.

OutPlacement-News: What does OutPlacement cost?
NewPlacement.com: The fee depends on the requirements in terms of level, intensity, individuality and duration (months, success, guarantee). The range of fees extends from OutPlacementCompact specialists to modular models and PremiumPlacement for management and C-level. In principle, the consulting fees are determined individually according to the circumstances after a personal information meeting.

OutPlacement-News: Who pays for the OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, the company pays the fee and, if applicable, offsets part of it against the severance payment. However, there are also self-payers who see the fee as an "investment in their own person" with a corresponding ROI. And finally, there are mixed forms in which the company pays the basic fee, for example.

OutPlacement-News: Tax aspects of outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: With the 2020 Annual Tax Act, outplacement consulting services provided by the employer for the professional reorientation of departing employees are generally tax-free (as long as they are not purely of a rewarding nature).

OutPlacement-News: Is OutPlacement pure help for self-help?
NewPlacement.com: No, it shouldn't be and it's not that effective. Ask for the times that the coach is personally available to you. This does not include self-study with standardized manuals. Do you get individual support for each application project and the corresponding stages, or should you go standard?

OutPlacement-News: What do you think of special forms, such as online OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: Online coaching has become much more important since Corona. As a rule, however, it should only be a supplement to face-to-face meetings, emails and telephone calls. The need for application coaching should be the deciding factor and not convenience.

OutPlacement-News: Do you generally have to take time off work during the outplacement process?
NewPlacement.com: The company releases the person concerned for the coaching sessions and application activities. However, no general leave of absence has to be granted. This allows those affected to apply for a job from their job instead of from their leave of absence or unemployment and to mention this topic positively in their documents.

OutPlacement-News: Does an outplacement agreement make a lawyer superfluous?
NewPlacement.com: The lawyer gives those affected security with regard to the termination agreement and the subsequent employment contract for the new job. However, the termination agreement avoids the contentious and possibly legal disputes that often hinder personal references.

OutPlacement-News: Finally, should you actually make your outplacement advice public?
NewPlacement.com: You don't have to hide the fact that you are working with a coach. There is nothing dishonorable about accepting help in the specific area of the application process. In America, having your own coach is even a status symbol and company leaders in Germany often use external coaching. In job interviews, however, the content developed should only be attributed to the applicants. You should not actively make your own OutPlacement advice public.

OutPlacement-News: Thank you very much for the interview.


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E-mail: info@NewPlacement.com
Tel: +49 521 1644475

OutPlacement consulting checklist

OutPlacement-News.de reports regularly on everything worth knowing about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, careers, professional separation, the application process, graduation, onboarding and integration.

Questions to the partners of NewPlacement AG about an OutPlacement consulting checklist.

OutPlacement-News: Your detailed profiles are very extensive and full of content. How do you come up with so many details?

NewPlacement.com: As part of a management integral, preferably with a coach experienced in unaided and aided exploration, the management balance sheet should be drawn up with around 150-200 performance, experience and competence values together with soft skills and motivations. Particularly in the case of unsupported exploration, the coach requires a high level of management experience. Without this basis, individual and matching applications are hardly possible.

OutPlacement-News: How do you position the candidate on the application market?

NewPlacement.com: The management integral, the benefit value analysis and the target determination result in a clear positioning with characteristics, position target, areas of success and skills. The result is an extract of the professional management balance sheet as an offer to the job market.

OutPlacement-News: What requirements do you place on a professional cover letter?

NewPlacement.com: A cover letter (1-page) with positioning, brief outline of career, motivation for change, internal counter-offer, previous salary range, regions of assignment and desired contractual relationship (permanent, interim, project), based on market research with headhunters and decision-makers in the company, is a perfect start to communication.

OutPlacement-News: What solution do you offer if the headhunter or the company does not want more than 2-3 pages of application documents?

NewPlacement.com: A maximum two-page brief overview with the stations and the 3-5 focus points, customizable to the demand factors of the target position.
In addition, we add a 1-page performance, experience and competence profile with around 10 main categories, which shows the management bandwidth at a glance. For applicants with several interim tasks, a 1-page project and process overview with the corresponding approach and results achieved proves its worth.
This requires the ability to reduce the approximately 20-page success database to an individual application for the core demand factors of the searching company.

OutPlacement-News: In other projects, detailed application documents are required. How do you go about this?

NewPlacement.com: In this case, we develop a 3-dimensional detailed profile that reflects the entire career and gives the viewer an overview and self-determined depth of information despite the wealth of information.

OutPlacement-News: A lot is written about application photos. What is your opinion on this?

NewPlacement.com: The "application photo" is the "introduction to the new company" in terms of crop, posture, clothing and facial expression and must correspond to the target position and the circumstances in the company. For many viewers, for example, the tie is still a sign of respect, but not for others.

OutPlacement-News: On your website we read about the respective interview strategy. What are your requirements here?

NewPlacement.com: In interviews with headhunters or companies, the candidate must be able to present an active matching on the basis of around 50-70 demand factors of the target position as the essence of their professional career. Every career change requires a motivation to change jobs and an internal counter-offer to try and retain the candidate. Furthermore, the soft skills in terms of strengths, weaknesses, management style, greatest success and failure must be documented situationally from the career. This "success story" is prepared intensively with the NewPlacement coach.

OutPlacement News: Instead of the usual references, personal references are requested, especially for managers. What do candidates need to bear in mind?

NewPlacement.com: The references must be congruent with the candidate's statements regarding motivation to change, internal counter-offer, strengths, weaknesses and management style. If necessary, you can also name former superiors and colleagues who you prepare for the calls.

OutPlacement-News: Candidate communication certainly also includes the "digital me". How are you well positioned here?

NewPlacement.com: The "digital me" is absolutely congruent with the application appearance. The candidate works with the NewPlacement coach to develop an interview strategy for counterproductive search engine entries relating to their person. In some cases, it is also possible to push back negative editorial entries about oneself through other contributions.

OutPlacement-News: What support do you give your candidates before the final round of interviews at the company?

NewPlacement.com: After getting to know each other in the first interview and further selection procedures (AC etc.), the company needs the final interview to verify the previous findings and for final matching. To do this, the candidate needs to be able to project themselves onto the respective target job by matching the demand factors of the company looking for them with their management track record. A mirrored benefit analysis (1-page) can ensure a high level of decision-making certainty on both sides. However, a re-briefing on the previous pages should be carried out by the candidate beforehand. In some cases at TOP level, a discussion of initial approaches for a strategy is also expected. During preparation, the candidate can draw on the NewPlacement coach's wide-ranging experience.

OutPlacement-News: We haven't even talked about the communication channels in the application market. What opportunities do you see?

NewPlacement.com: Once you are ready for the market, you need a number of communication channels with adapted documents for proactive and reactive applications, implementation of network information (referral marketing), detours via interim management or self-employment to improve the initial situation on the job market and ongoing management via social media.

OutPlacement-News: And who are the respective addressees?

NewPlacement.com: Access to around 4,000 European headhunters with corresponding specifications (level, sector, etc.) for a professional selection. It should also be borne in mind that many executive positions in Germany are sought by foreign headhunters. Access to > 500 internal headhunter exchanges with advertisements that cannot be found on job boards are also a valuable guide.

OutPlacement-News: And beyond the headhunters?

NewPlacement.com: Access to professional company databases with relevant information on decision-makers, shareholdings etc. alongside information from the candidates' network or the NewPlacement partnership form the basis.
Candidates are introduced to decision-makers through professional recommendations, without restrictive fee demands on the company. This avoids the appearance of an application and also gets through to owners or committees (postal hybrid letter).

OutPlacement-News: And are there any other approaches?

NewPlacement.com: Access to private equity who are looking directly for your investments, as well as dealing with meta job exchanges, commercial register movements and the evaluation of social media.

OutPlacement-News: Thank you very much for the interview.


Advantages of OutPlacement consulting

OutPlacement-News.de reports regularly on everything worth knowing about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, careers, professional separation, the application process, graduation, onboarding and integration.

Questions to the partners of NewPlacement AG about the advantages of OutPlacement consulting.
OutPlacement-News: Many applicants have a problem with their age, especially if it is preceded by a 5. How do you deal with this?

NewPlacement.com: When asked by a prospective candidate whether he will ever get a suitable management position again at the age of 58, we can only remind him that he has considerably more performance and experience than a 35-year-old. If a company is looking for a "storm-tested" manager, he can hold his own against anyone younger. Another prospective candidate has simply omitted his age from his application, thus communicating "I'm afraid I'm too old". All any headhunter needs to do is take a quick look at the education and training data to estimate the age by back-calculation. Once the certificates have been requested at the latest, the actual age can no longer be concealed.
Conversely, some young professionals also struggle with assumed concerns about age and early responsibility during the application process.
NewPlacement consistently focuses on achievements, experience, skills and social intelligence and deals confidently with all ages.

OutPlacement-News: Applicants' mobility is often restricted due to their family situation. What experiences have you had with this?

NewPlacement.com: If you are restricted in your mobility and flexibility with regard to a new job due to a property, your partner's job, your children's school and social environment, parents in need of care and circle of friends, the job alternatives are naturally also reduced accordingly. Solutions in the form of career setbacks, longer periods of absence, weekend relationships or interim solutions must be weighed up carefully. A promised relocation after the probationary period also includes the family and is usually demanded.
Our comprehensive NewPlacement strategy helps in this situation, e.g. with regard to the (inter)national positioning for the application market, dealing with headhunters, own rejections (reasons), dream job outside the region with family repositioning, interim activities and "secret" further search in your current region.

OutPlacement-News: A standard topic in job interviews is the motivation to change jobs. What should applicants bear in mind here?

NewPlacement.com: The reference formulation "The separation was by mutual/best agreement" generates questions from every headhunter and decision-maker and the need for references in the previous company. Was there a termination by the company and a legal dispute? Why did you want to part ways and why did you not try anything to keep the manager despite restructuring? Even if the separation was proactively initiated by the employee, was there an internal counteroffer? Why did the manager want to leave the company even though he or she did not yet have a new job lined up? Questions upon questions that can easily lead to irritation and concerns in the application process or even to a termination. For headhunters and decision-makers, the current and previous motivations for changing jobs reveal an important career aspect. For this reason, the conclusive success presentation, which is developed individually for each project and each stage with the NewPlacement coach, should take the transitions into account professionally and comprehensively.

OutPlacement-News: What should people consider before applying for a job?

NewPlacement.com: More than 25 years ago, a job advertisement read "Please only apply if you have understood this advertisement". Cheeky? No, even then it showed the problem that in some cases 50% of applicants did not even consider the "essential" demand factors. The applicants' terse response "but I could imagine doing the job" is not helpful. In addition, a matching check should also be carried out with regard to the decision-makers in the company, corporate culture and current industry situation. The more you as an applicant can convey matching certainty from your own career, the better your chances in the application process and of being accepted. An experienced NewPlacement coach is very helpful in researching and extracting the demand factors. This is demonstrated by the many successful application processes of our candidates.

OutPlacement-News: Some of your candidates apply from self-employment, why?

NewPlacement.com: We also use self-employment to improve our starting position in the job market. Is that a contradiction? In times of leave of absence or after leaving the company, your thematic specification, with which you could currently help companies, is a professional door opener that has already resulted in permanent positions for years. After a successful permanent position, the approach of making your specialist skills available to several companies is a (temporary) alternative to permanent employment or its initial spark. However, the issue of cold acquisition and lone wolves is underestimated. Networks only open doors to a limited extent, depending on their unsupported popularity. This is where the experienced NewPlacement coach can help with his 8-path strategy. Together, an attractive offer is developed on the basis of the management balance sheet and launched via referral marketing.

OutPlacement News: In your opinion, the applicant's first leap into the organization places high demands. Can you elaborate on this?

NewPlacement.com: The first board position should be held for at least 3 years in order to establish oneself at this level. You can also overcome a possible 50-plus problem by taking the leap into board membership. But beware of taking too big a career step without the appropriate preparation and foundation. The subsequent excessive demands often result from your own micro-organization, lack of political experience and underestimation of additional responsibility for new areas (e.g. CFO with HR and SCM). Although you are proud to be trusted with this additional responsibility, there is a risk of falling between two stools if you fail. The return to the old level is no longer offered due to insufficient demands and the threat of a bore-out, and the higher level is no longer offered due to "proven" excessive demands. The experienced NewPlacement coach provides situational support through sparring, RescueCoaching or a NewPlacement. You can also find examples of advice on our website.

OutPlacement News: We often read that cover letters have become obsolete. What is your opinion on this?

NewPlacement.com: Standardized cover letters with the usual introductory phrases "I have read your advertisement", "the advertised position particularly appeals to me" or "I am looking for a job" and the mere description of the attached career can be dispensed with. However, if you use individualized cover letters for matching, objection handling, positioning, interpretation sovereignty (e.g. job hopping, apprenticeships and short periods of employment, career breaks), proactive motivation to change jobs and important information on salary level, mobility and availability, the application will have significant added value. Cover letters should be content-oriented and need not strive for a Nobel Prize in Literature. They should fit on an A4 page as e-mail text and must contain the name and contact details as a short imprint at the end. Scanned signatures are suppressed as images in most input systems and displayed with a blank box. It is worth investing the appropriate time for each project, together with an experienced NewPlacement coach. The cover letter often determines whether the attached pdf file of the career is opened.

OutPlacement-News: What should an applicant consider when rejecting application projects on their own initiative?

NewPlacement.com: The following scenarios are conceivable: There are 2 contracts from new companies at the same time, there is a 1b contract and you are waiting for the notified 1a contract or there is only a 1b contract (bird in the hand). The NewPlacement benefit analysis helps in the decision-making process. However, you should make sure that your own rejections are appreciative and comprehensible if you want to come back to them.
If you have made the wrong decision and there is a separation during the mutual probationary period, you can then revitalize rejected projects (avoid 2nd choice feelings at the company at all costs).
General rejections for reasons of lack of mobility with headhunters are associated with a lack of flexibility and should therefore be structured differently.
If you want to continue your search after being accepted or the dream job comes during the current probationary period, this must be absolutely concealed and limited to individual projects. If the new employer or the headhunter (3rd installment after the probationary period) becomes aware of this, NewPlacement crisis management is required.

OutPlacement news: Once the contract has been signed, a lot falls away from the applicants. What should be considered in the subsequent onboarding process?

NewPlacement.com: After signing the contract, you have usually only won over 2-3 decision-makers in the company. You should use the first 100 days to win over committees, other managing directors, colleagues, employees, customers and external partners (suppliers, agencies). The 5:55 method helps here, especially when getting to know each other for the first time, and at meetings the transformation into the previous career instead of hasty strategy proposals. It is also crucial to uncover the various red lines of relationships within and outside the company (who with whom and why), for understanding and political behavior. As a new manager, you also have to deal with the demarcation or expansion of territory by colleagues. Onboarding coaching by an experienced NewPlacement coach with preparatory organizational constellation and on-demand provides job insurance.

OutPlacement News: What dangers must managers be prepared for during the probationary period? You also warn against micromanagement.

NewPlacement.com: Candidates who make the leap into the organization often still tend to micromanage. Even in his new role as commercial director, the former finance director continues to focus mainly on day-to-day financial business and lacks balanced delegation and control. In his other areas of responsibility, such as HR, SCM and legal, he largely stays out of the loop. In his micro-area, he restricts and demotivates his finance employees by constantly interfering in day-to-day business. This is all the more dangerous if they have good informal relationships and are trying to get him to leave. In the other areas, he does not show himself to be sufficiently informed and competent vis-à-vis owners or committees. In these cases, separation often occurs during the probationary period. Before it gets that far, however, the experienced NewPlacement coach can defuse the situation with an early warning system and case coaching, among other things, and support the candidate in the management of the company.


Measures in OutPlacement consulting

OutPlacement-News.de (OPN for short) reports regularly on everything worth knowing about OutPlacement, NewPlacement, careers, professional separation, placement, the application process, graduation, onboarding and integration. Questions to the partners of NewPlacement AG about outplacement measures.

OutPlacement-News: Many application documents from applicants with the same qualifications hardly differ and make selection difficult. How do you prevent this with your candidates?

NewPlacement: In most cases, the basis on which offers are made to the job market is too generalistic, ego-rotated or even too superficial. In market research, you learn to understand the importance of "garbage in garbage out" at an early stage. Without the know-how and guidance of a coach with biographical experience, the performance, experience and competence values as well as the soft skills are often not meaningful enough for a real match with the demand factors of the companies looking for candidates. This results in standards in terms of cover letter, background and interview strategy that are not sufficient for the top positions at the respective level. Through the full-day biography (exclusive tool), our NewPlacement coaches usually collect 150-200 performance, experience and competence values (management integral) with preliminary and follow-up work, which enable a perfect match with the more than 50 demand factors of the searching company and give the decision-makers a high level of security for a shared future (management balance sheet).

OutPlacement-News: We have read the term "market maturity" in your work, what do you mean by this?

NewPlacement: No branded company would launch an immature product on the market under its own name and thus permanently damage sales channels. Unfortunately, many applicants do not adhere to this with their offer to the job market. Applicants flood headhunters with changing self-positioning without adjusting the performance, experience and competence values, thereby signaling that they themselves do not know what their own authentic offer is. In this context, you often hear applicants say that they "could imagine themselves in the job". Understandable, but not effective. It is better to seek help from a "brand maker" from NewPlacement AG in this segment. In the same way as a branded company, they will work with the applicant to develop a clear, comprehensible, verifiable, demand-relevant and attractive positioning. The headhunter can use this to convince his corporate clients and, in our view, the applicant is ready for the application market.

OutPlacement-News: We have heard that clumsy motivations to change jobs lead to premature termination of applications. What are your experiences with this?

NewPlacement: Applicants pay too little attention to transitions when presenting their career. Many motivations damage the previous employer or their own job. A lack of internal counter-offers causes smoke to rise, which makes the headhunter look for the fire. In some cases, this destroys the good content of the respective career stages. We find this deficiency in many cover letters and interview strategies or "failure presentations". In the full-day biography, the experienced NewPlacement coach finds the mosaic stones for the transitions up to the Doppler strategy with the "upstream change motivation". The professional success presentation is understood and appreciated by headhunters and companies. In addition, it provides the applicant with a script that can usually be used to avoid all pitfalls. This provides security and confidence.

OutPlacement-News: We are constantly reading about cover letters or letters of motivation that can be created quickly using AI. Is this the right approach, can you save so much time and coach?

NewPlacement: There are so many articles about the right cover letter, which of course contradict each other. Again, you can learn from the branded goods industry how they validate their advertising copy. That's right, in market research the target group is confronted with it and the results are incorporated into the improvement or the completely new approach. You would never think of interviewing just one consumer. So the cover letter to headhunters should be based on a broad market research of job advertisements as the highest common denominator. The cover letter to the HR department, managing director or owner must in turn take other aspects into account. An additional distinction is made between reactive, unsolicited and recommendation letters. Based on this knowledge, the NewPlacement coach helps you to research, individualize and focus your cover letters and achieve a better response. Cover letters that are tailored to the recipient naturally attract more attention. ChatGPT, for example, can only help to a limited extent with the current demand factors because the program has only been trained with data up to the end of 2021. Using standards saves time, not only when creating them, but also through "missing invitations to interviews".

OutPlacement-News: What does the ideal application document look like?

NewPlacement: The document must not force the reader to search endlessly for their interests. Unsolicited applications in particular naturally lack precise project requirements. So the success story has to be appropriately broad. Three-dimensionality allows the reader to determine the depth of information in the individual career stages themselves and to quickly find the relevant achievements, experience and skills. This enables headhunters or decision-makers in the company to quickly gain an overview of the matching process. In the case of reactive applications, the success story is individualized in advance together with the NewPlacement coach, based on the demand factors of the searching company, in order to generate a quickly recognizable high degree of matching. Additional "content ballast", which arises from the applicant's ego rotation, is not taken into account. You know the bait ...

OutPlacement-News: You read a lot about the "perfect" strengths and weaknesses. Does that mean you still have a face in the crowd?

NewPlacement: Integrating your strengths with a view to the demand factors in your own success presentation prohibits any standardized guidelines. In a job interview, for example, a sales manager rattled off 6 strengths in response to the HR manager's question in this regard. After a moment's thought, the HR manager asked how he could come up with the "thin line" of having all these strengths. Can you imagine the following tough 5 minutes of the interview? Strengths and weaknesses as well as other soft skills belong in the script. They are documented and explained according to the situation. Weaknesses are recognized and worked on, but they are still there. Strengths do not come across as boastful, but are based on performance, experience and competence values and lead to a match with the target position in the description. The selection from a portfolio of 10 strengths must be individualized, based on the previous course of the successful presentation or job interview, of course only on request.

OutPlacement-News: Can you reduce your activities to a few selected headhunters?

NewPlacement: We recommend a broad market scan. 20 years ago, the headhunter market was not so broadly diversified. Back then, applicants were given a list of 10-20 promising recruitment consultants to research or send out unsolicited documents. At that time, the selection criteria were mainly based on content. Today, however, many search projects are awarded on the basis of networking criteria. Managing directors who have had good experiences in their own searches are understandably guided by this when selecting headhunters. Owners often look for "confidants" who guarantee an absolutely confidential search, as only one person is involved. If you now knew "who with whom and why", you could focus on 10 headhunters again. Otherwise, you need a broad market scan in order to capture the hidden top projects in particular. If you rely on a single headhunter, who may also offer outplacement, you lose sight of the overall market with its multitude of hidden offers and risk significantly longer search times.

OutPlacement-News: Which application path leads to success?

NewPlacement: No one-sided application focus and no standards. There are increasing views that individual runways are sufficient for quick and strategically correct job success. Perhaps also because some outplacement providers reduce themselves to this and shy away from the complete parallelism of activities. Each runway has its justification and skipping individual approaches not only statistically reduces the prospects on the recruitment market. Anyone who reduces contacts with headhunters to just a few has lost sight of the networking of decision-makers in the company and the broadly diversified market. Those who send their own unsolicited applications to companies via professional referral marketing by third parties do not think about the addressee. Those who burden their network with the passing on of documents are jeopardizing opportunities.
That is why NewPlacement supports all starting points in consultation with the candidate and individualizes them according to project and level. Standardized cover letters and documents - without taking advantage of matching opportunities - have little chance of success.

OutPlacement-News: Are there any rules of conduct on how best to work with headhunters?

NewPlacement: First and foremost, you should show appreciation to the headhunter. As an experienced sales manager, the headhunter "sells" the profile to his clients and thus gives the executive access to the decision-makers in the first place. Each time a candidate is introduced, the headhunter puts his business relationship with the searching company to the test. Every applicant should show understanding and appreciation for this demanding task and comply with requests for individualization of the documents (scope, additional project list, etc.) without discussion. The headhunter represents the target company and its decision-makers. However, the applicant should work with their NewPlacement coach to match researched demand factors and their own offer in advance. This makes it easier for the other party to find the necessary information quickly, saves them valuable time and boosts their interest and therefore their own chances.

OutPlacement-News: How many projects should an executive pursue in parallel during the application process?

NewPlacement: Applicants should pursue all promising projects in parallel until they are successful. We were able to convince one of our candidates, who was absolutely certain of his acceptance in an application project that lasted 12 weeks with 6 appointments at home and abroad, that he would also continue to pursue the other application projects in parallel with full commitment. After 11 weeks, he then took over the sales management at another major branded company. A week later, he was rejected from the "secure" project. If he had turned down the other projects, 3 months would have been lost in the process. In the case of another project with a contract offer, he managed not to damage the relationship with the decision-makers despite his own rejection, so that he could come back to it later in his career if necessary. It becomes more difficult when candidates sign the contract for a 1b project out of a sense of security and want to continue their search. But we have solutions for this too.

OutPlacement-News: What can a top manager do if he is stuck in a classic outplacement measure without success?

NewPlacement: Upgrade to PremiumPlacement with us. A prospective employee, who had received funding from his company for another outplacement consultancy as a parting gift, turned to us in order to gain more access to suitable vacancies. Of course, he did not want a second outplacement consultation. It wouldn't have helped either, as he had to play in the Champions League as a top executive and the tactics and style of classic outplacement consulting were no longer sufficient. Additional approaches to vacancies would have been a waste of time.
He needed a #PremiumPlacement for executives based on his management track record with around 200 performance, experience and competence values and strong sales and sophisticated soft skills (motivations for change with an internal counteroffer, biggest failure, etc.). In the PremiumPlacement process, he can then guarantee a demonstrable match in every project and every stage of getting to know each other based on the allocation of the 50-70 demand factors of the searching company with corresponding values of his management balance sheet. In the further course, he creates a face in the crowd of competitors through a re-briefing (possibly supplemented by a strategic approach) and the mirrored benefit analysis. While the OutPlacement process ends when the contract is signed, the PremiumPlacement process continues the application process with 360-degree onboarding during integration and later with coaching on demand. The necessary projects at its level are generated almost exclusively from the hidden market and through individualized referral marketing (#inverse headhunting) or involved headhunters.

What are the goals of OutPlacement consulting?

The aim of all our outplacement measures is best summarized in the following 9 points:

▪ To handle separation in a fair, relaxed and future-oriented manner,
▪ To significantly increase the chance of finding a new job with the large number of openings,
▪ To make positioning and documents more attractive with a biographical approach (management integral) and cooperation with the coach,
▪ To significantly improve job interviews with research, 
▪ to successfully counter stagnation and loss through early collaboration in the current job,
▪ to make onboarding and integration easier through job insurance,
▪ to professionally tackle all difficulties through coaching on demand, 
▪ to turn unavoidable separations into a win-win for both sides, 
▪ to promote professional development through updates.

The exit of those affected should lead to a new "real" job as quickly as possible without conflict. Those affected retain decision-making authority at every stage, while the coach takes responsibility for the process.

Die meistverbreiteten Mythen in der OutPlacement-Beratung

OutPlacement-News: Gibt es bei Stellenanzeigen überhaupt einen „verdeckten Markt“? Im Internet findet man doch inzwischen alles oder man ruft in der Personalabteilung an.
NewPlacement.com: Es gibt sowohl bei Headhuntern als auch bei Unternehmen unveröffentlichte Vakanzen, insbesondere wenn der Vorgänger noch ohne Vorahnung auf seinem Posten sitzt bzw. der Markt erst nach der Neu-Einstellung von der Wechselabsicht informiert werden soll. Diese findet man nicht auf den Websites der Headhunter oder Unternehmen und schon gar nicht in Stellenbörsen. Berater, die nur einen begrenzten Zugang zu diesen Angeboten haben, stellen die Existenz gern in Frage. Ab einem bestimmten Level können Anrufe in der Personalabteilung auch nicht weiterhelfen.
OutPlacement-News: Muss der Coach tatsächlich früher in der gleichen Verantwortung gearbeitet haben und aus der entsprechenden Branche kommen?
NewPlacement.com: In der OutPlacement-Beratung unterstützt der Coach entlang des gesamten Bewerbungsprozesses und ggf. darüber hinaus (Onboarding, Integration, Etablierung). Seine Aufgabe ist aber nicht, dem Kandidaten Nachhilfe in dessen Fachgebiet zu geben. Trotzdem kann es in Einzelsequenzen der Beratung notwendig sein, einen NewPlacement-ExpertPartner hinzuzuziehen. Deshalb sollte der OutPlacement-Anbieter über Partner/Coaches mit breitgefächertem Branchen-Know-how verfügen.
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What are the advantages of OutPlacement consulting?

The support provided by the coach gives self-confidence, process security and shortens the time to a new job for those affected enormously. The company acts responsibly, sends clear signals to the rest of the workforce and guarantees personnel development beyond the separation.

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