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1/11 Our product portfolio ranges from separation management to outplacement and premium placement.


2/11 Our USP. What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


3/11 Separation management includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


4/11 OutPlacement 2.0 is the further development of the OutPlacement approach for a future-oriented separation.


5/11 NewPlacement is based on the well-founded Management Integral and stands for its 8 runways to success.


6/11 PremiumPlacement for managing directors / C-level with high demands on individuality and networking.


7/11 Upgrade for managers who are stuck in an outplace or transfer measure without success.


8/11 Career advice based on the management balance for decisions under security and with a future.


9/11 Rescue Coaching is aimed at managers who find themselves on the "downward" slope in their jobs.


10/11 Online Coaching on demand is aimed primarily at expatriates in change and managers worldwide.


11/11 Directory. 115 linked keywords from A-Z about career, separation, networking, application and success.


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  • What does coaching cost for self-payers? | Answer
  • Confidentiality - what does my company learn? | Answer
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1. Questions collection

30 Questions & Answers about OutPlacement Consulting

OutPlacement-News: What are the goals of OutPlacement consulting?
NewPlacement.com: The goal of all our OutPlacement measures are best summarized by the following 8 points:
▪ to significantly increase the chance of finding a new job with the variety of accesses opened,
▪ to make positioning and documents more attractive with a biographical approach (management integral) and cooperation with the coach, 
▪ to significantly improve job interviews with research, preparation and interview strategy,
▪ to successfully counter standstill and loss in the current job through early collaboration,
▪ to make onboarding and integration easier to succeed through job insurance,
▪ to professionally address all difficulties through coaching on demand, 
▪ to relax unavoidable separations and create a win-win with future orientation for both sides, 
▪ to promote professional development through updates.
The exit of the affected persons should lead to a new "real" job as quickly as possible without any dispute. In this process, the person affected retains decision-making authority at every stage, while the coach claims process authority for himself.
OutPlacement-News: Where are the origins of outplacement (history)?
NewPlacement.com: After the Second World War, returned soldiers had to be quickly put back into appropriate jobs. This task was taken on by government agencies. The name referred to leaving (out) the army and active help (placement) in finding a job.
OutPlacement-News: How would you translate OutPlacement today?
NewPlacement.com: OutPlacement is a kind of welfare of the companies, which goes beyond the separation and makes the termination agreement interesting for the affected persons in addition to a severance pay. This separation is preferred to the termination if possible. OutPlacement helps to make the exit more compatible and thus more relaxed for both sides.
OutPlacement-News: What is OutPlacement actually?
NewPlacement.com: OutPlacement provides in the separation process for future orientation, relaxation and fairness for the concerning and the enterprises. It strengthens the job perspectives and the corporate culture.
OutPlacement-News: What are the advantages of a termination agreement including outplacement vs. termination?
NewPlacement.com: Professional separation management is characterized by relaxation, fairness and future orientation. While the termination merely regulates the exit, the termination agreement with outplacement offers the future orientation. If then still another compensation for a possible transition period to the new job is included, the enterprise becomes fair its care beyond the separation.
OutPlacement news: Who gets an Outplacement consultation?
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, a company should offer a suitable outplacement measure to all specialists and managers who have to leave the company for various reasons.
OutPlacement-News: When do you need outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: If the persons concerned lack orientation with regard to the new target job, sufficient suitable vacancies, experience in the application process, access to jobs and decision-makers as well as their own meaningful list, they should seek OutPlacement advice.
OutPlacement-News: Which advantages offers OutPlacement for the concerning? 
NewPlacement.com: The company of the Coach gives self-confidence, process security and shortens the time up to the new job for the concerning enormously. The company acts responsibly, sends clear signals to the rest of the workforce and guarantees personnel development beyond the separation.
OutPlacement-News: Are there also disadvantages to outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: If the offer of outplacement signals to those affected that they don't have to worry about anything except signing the contract, this automatically leads to dissatisfaction. The persons concerned must cooperate intensively, both in the preparation and in the conversion of the application activities.
OutPlacement-News: How long does an OutPlacement consultation last? 
NewPlacement.com: Depending upon need and budget one advises up to the goal identification, market readiness, contract and/or end successful Onboarding. With guarantee contracts the consultation revives with separation in the probationary period.
OutPlacement-News: Which different phases does the OutPlacement consultation have?
NewPlacement.com: Basis of a professional consultation is the inventory of all achievement, experience and authority values as well as the soft skills in the context of the career (biography). This results in an attractive offer to the labor market, which is made available to suitable positions. After the actual application process comes the contract phase and onboarding.
OutPlacement-News: What are the concrete application measures in OutPlacement consulting?
NewPlacement.com: The so-called runways to success are the reactive and initiative applications to personnel consultancies and companies. Furthermore, one uses the information on vacancies from the network of the provider and the people concerned for further activities. In addition, an attractive "digital self" provides a good basis for researchers. Important in all these measures is the individualization of the documents (cover letter, short or detailed profile).
OutPlacement-News: Does the company have to specify the outplacement provider?
NewPlacement.com: Some companies have concluded exclusive contracts with an outplacement provider. This means they assume sole responsibility for the coach/affected person interaction and support for the application process. Many companies and affected persons do not want this and only make the pre-selection. They offer the affected person e.g. three different providers, which differ in their positioning on the market. The concerned ones decide after appropriate information discussions on offerer, methodology and Coach.
OutPlacement news: What does one have to consider with the OutPlacement offerer?
NewPlacement.com: There are very many "Einzelkämpfer", which offer OutPlacement consultation. Their network is smaller and more regional compared to providers with several (inter)national partners. In case of illness of the coach, the affected persons usually have to suspend the counseling until they recover. In the case of providers with several partners and the same methodology, another partner can step in immediately. Lone fighters often spin in their own circles methodically, while other providers benefit from mutual supervision and internal workshops.
Furthermore, those affected must pay attention to the many years of management experience of the coaches. Are they freelancers / part-timers or exclusive full-time professionals.
Furthermore, providers differ on their methodology (degree of individuality vs. standards) and the various runway options to success.
OutPlacement-News: What to look for in an OutPlacement consultant
NewPlacement.com: Your consultant's own management, separation and psychological experience will help, he or she must be able to take a step back and focus on your person and, he or she needs a sustainable and resilient network. Leading OutPlacement providers guarantee that their coaches have several years of training.
OutPlacement-News: How to find the right OutPlacement consultant? 
NewPlacement.com: Usually the company has scouted the market and made a shortlist of 3 providers. The employee concerned then conducts intensive, detailed informational interviews with the potential coaches. In doing so, he pays attention not only to the chemistry with the coach, but also to his empathy for the particular personal situation and his "advice" behavior. One should absolutely make sure to have gotten to know the future coach personally and sufficiently before making a commitment. One should not agree to an acquirer's promise to select the right coach.
OutPlacement-News: What are the contract models?
NewPlacement.com: Usually the company pays the consulting fee for 3-6 months (limited) or even indefinitely until success (contract). In the case of executives, guarantee contracts (continuation in the event of separation during the probationary period) are also assumed after a long period of affiliation. In general, Limited contracts should always include an option to extend the contract on favorable terms. In some cases, the company assumes only part of the costs. The rest is covered by a partial conversion of the severance payments (tax advantage) or the additional payment by the affected persons.
OutPlacement-News: What is the difference between OutPlacement, NewPlacement and PremiumPlacement
NewPlacement.com: The requirements in the application process are very different depending on the hierarchy level in terms of documents, contact persons, processes and matching. That's why the outplacement provider should offer individually tailored programs for specialists, managers and executives as well as executive and C-levels.
OutPlacement-News: What distinguishes individual from group outplacement? 
NewPlacement.com: Individual counseling focuses on the individual's needs. Group counseling, often found in transfer companies, is more general and characterized by standards. Extroverts often shape the topics. Individual needs cannot receive the appropriate attention in the group. The fee is more favorable in the group, but not always cheaper.
OutPlacement-News: What are the advantages for the employer of using outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: Times of separation basically affect the entire workforce. There is a high level of interest in how the company deals with those affected. Therefore, the separation culture has a significant impact on the working atmosphere, bonding of the "survivors" and the image of the company. On the other hand, avoiding litigation and leaving before the end of the notice period reduces costs.
OutPlacement-News: What role does outplacement play in so-called voluntary programs?
NewPlacement.com: In professional separation management there are the so-called volunteer programs, with which the company releases a certain number of the workforce. Specialists and managers can sign up for this. If the supervisor does not veto the decision, a goal-setting session with a coach can be used. Only then is the decision made to leave the company by means of a termination agreement. Then the goal-setting process is followed by consulting until success is achieved or, at best, with a guarantee. In addition, P&MS receive an additional severance payment. The release must be coordinated with the supervisor.
OutPlacement-News: What is the works council's position on outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: The works council is in favor of separations only in certain cases. But then it supports professional separation management with a termination agreement with severance pay and OutPlacement as an alternative to termination and legal disputes.
OutPlacement-News: What does OutPlacement cost?
NewPlacement.com: The fee depends on the need in terms of level, intensity, individuality and duration (months, success, guarantee). The range of fees extends from OutPlacementCompact professionals to modular models and PremiumPlacement for executive and C-levels. In principle, consulting fees are determined individually according to the circumstances after a personal informational interview.
OutPlacement-News: Who pays for OutPlacement? 
NewPlacement.com: As a rule, the company pays the fee and, if necessary, offsets part of it against the severance pay. But there are also self-payers who see the fee as an "investment in their own person" with a corresponding ROI. And finally, there are mixed forms in which the company pays the basic fee, for example.
OutPlacement-News: Tax aspects of outplacement?
NewPlacement.com: With the Annual Tax Act 2020, outplacement consulting services provided by the employer for the professional reorientation of departing employees generally became tax-free (as long as they do not have a pure reward character).
OutPlacement-News: Is outplacement pure help for self-help
NewPlacement.com: No, it should not be and is not that effective. Ask for the times that the coach is available to you in person. This does not include self-study with standardized manuals. Do you get individual support for each application project and the corresponding levels, or should you go standard?
OutPlacement-News: What do you think of special forms, such as online OutPlacement?
NewPlacement.com: Since Corona, online coaching has gained considerably in importance. As a rule, however, it should only be a supplement to face-to-face meetings, e-mail and telephone calls. The need for application coaching should be the deciding factor, not convenience.
OutPlacement-News: Do you have to be generally released from work during the outplacement process?
NewPlacement.com: The company releases the person concerned for the coaching sessions and the application activities. However, no general time off has to be granted. The affected persons can thus apply from the job, instead of from the release or unemployment, and also mention this topic positively in their documents.
OutPlacement-News: Does an OutPlacement agreement make the lawyer superfluous?
NewPlacement.com: The lawyer gives the affected persons security regarding the termination agreement and the subsequent employment contract for the new job. However, the termination agreement avoids the contentious and possibly legal dispute that personal references often hinder.
OutPlacement-News: Finally, should you actually make your OutPlacement consulting public?
NewPlacement.com: You don't have to hide your cooperation with a coach. There is nothing honorable about accepting help in the specific area of the application process. In America, having your own coach is even a status symbol, and business leaders in Germany often use external coaching. In the job interviews, however, the content developed should only be attributed to the applicants. Here, one should not actively make one's own OutPlacement coaching public.
OutPlacement-News: Thank you very much for the interview.
Any further questions?
Terms from A-Z.

2. what is the tax treatment in germany?

Tax-free "outplacement" or "newplacement" consulting
Federal Ministry of Finance.de of 28.12.2020
Annual Tax Act 2020 (JStG 2020) 4th paragraph |Link (frequently overloaded)
Job application coaching is no longer a benefit in kind
lebensmittelzeitung.net dated 11 January 2021Link
Haufe.de point 6 |Link

4. lawyer for labour law

In order to negotiate a fair separation, it is important for both sides to clarify their legal position. In addition to legal assessment, both employers and employees need experience to negotiate the termination of contracts. We recommend employment lawyers who, in addition to excellent specialist knowledge, will also take into account your particular situation in the employment market.

From the point of view of fairness, a standard market package should be negotiated, which should include retention period in the old company, leave of absence, severance pay, testimonial, reference and job search support by an experienced coach. It should be noted that references, which cannot be litigated in any court, are becoming increasingly important. If the HR manager at the previous company refuses to comment on you at all when asked over the phone, your chances of success in this application project become very slim. The good wishes under the reference are also difficult to dispute in court. Their absence is a warning signal to any experienced recruiter or hiring manager.

Perhaps the following "expulsion from the oasis" metaphor best illustrates the situation. A severance package is like a ration of water for one who is driven out of an oasis. But this ration is not sufficient for an indefinite life in the desert. That is why it is so important to also get a guide to the next oasis (NewPlacement coach).

We successfully work with employment lawyers who negotiate support for obtaining a new job in addition to a longer retention period and severance pay.

These two components should be part of any agreement between the company and the client. The experienced employment law attorney will assist you in this regard. In this situation, however, a non-binding and free informational discussion with a SeniorPartner of NewPlacement AG, who can help you as a job application professional to better assess the risks of the job market, can also be very useful for you.


5. Why is NewPlacement-Coaching useful at all?

Isn't it better that I take the money as severance pay, buy some books and look for a new job on my own? So far, that's always worked out.

No doubt there are also application talents and partial job markets favorable to applicants. Of course, it can also work out on your own. Basically, however, a dedicated coach offers a number of advantages that are difficult to balance on your own. For example, he has the distance to your personality that you naturally lack and he experiences you from the outside view like a personnel consultant or decision-maker in a company. A coach experienced in business and the job market optimizes your application process, uses his and your contacts together with you and helps you to approach the next activities in a positive way even after rejections.

Earlier own consulting successes say little about the current application situation, in which it is mostly about other career levels at an advanced age, high numbers of applicants and increased expectations on the company side.

However, a good severance package often offers deceptive security on a temporary basis; the severance package cannot be used to buy a new job.

A reputable outplacement consultancy will make sure that you don't just find the next job, but also keep your long-term career in focus.

There is very helpful job application literature on the market - but mostly for pay scale employees and not for the complex field of executives. In these books, just as in candidate handbooks, there is inevitably a standardization because you need to appeal to many readers/users for commercial success. More successful is therefore a self-confident, expressive appearance, which reflects your quite individual, with a coach reflected, "offer" in the job market.

It is important for you to have a competent, honest interview partner who knows the job market and application techniques, who listens well and understands you. Compared to competitors in the job market who are not advised, you have a significant advantage with NewPlacement support.

6. what network do you offer?

First and foremost, we use the largest network in the world - the Internet - with a high degree of professionalism.

Of course, we also have our relationship network of our entire partnership throughout Germany and beyond. The professional activation of your network is particularly important, as more often the entry into a new position comes about through the candidate's personal network; provided he or she handles it skilfully.

However, please do not rely on contacts alone. More important is systematic and targeted job hunting, for which we provide the methodology and files. In consultation with you, we will launch your documents up to 1,000 times in our network.

7. what is your success rate?

Don't be impressed by statistical success rates. Only your prospects on the job market are decisive for you. However, we can only make an initial assessment of this after a free personal interview.

If you are interested in the general statistics: NewPlacement has achieved a success rate of almost 100% over many years, of course only for permanent assignments.

In general, it can be said that an applicant with the professional support of a genuinely committed and individually working consultant has much better chances on the job market than a competitor who has not been coached at all or has been coached sparingly.

8. differences NewPlacement vs. OutPlacement

What distinguishes NewPlacement coaching from out-placement consulting?

Without exception, our coaches bring their own management and separation experience to the table. We understand NewPlacement Coaching as personnel development. Together with you, we work out the strengths and successes that you have developed in your professional tasks in personal discussions.

On this basis, we work with you to find the right position that matches your personal career goals.

At NewPlacement, only Senior Partners who combine their good name with the quality of their work for you provide advice.

With us, there are no candidate manuals and no time limits calculated on the basis of business management. We take our time for you.

Overcoming a career irritation can be fun for you and for us. This fun in no way precludes the seriousness and professionalism of our joint work. On the contrary - positive and self-confident applicants have a winning effect.

9. who is to bear the costs?

Typically, NewPlacement coaching is paid for by companies, as part of the severance agreement. We only come into play after a separation decision has been made and make a point of sending our invoice to the company but being committed to the candidate.

10. confidentiality - what does my company learn?

If my previous company pays for the consultancy, what do you report back as a result? We only inform the client about the completion of our successful consulting. In some cases we also provide interim reports. The contents of the consulting sessions remain between us. We have earned a good reputation in the market over many years, also due to our confidentiality.

11. what to think about video training?

We have offered this service for years and if it is specifically requested, we still offer it now.

Often candidates look at themselves very critically in video training. There is a danger of getting uptight. Our candidates are seasoned executives who have sold themselves successfully many times. Tried and tested patterns should not be "made worse".

In the preparation of the self-presentation on the phone, in application and contact interviews, however, we give hints on "fuzziness" in the self-presentation or avoidable mistakes in the body language. Above all, however, we work together to develop a conversation strategy that will enable you to react confidently to all circumstances in the process.

12. do you use psychological testing methods?

Generally speaking, NewPlacement Coaching is not "leather couching". As a rule, we only use psychological tests in cases where we consider it helpful and always in consultation with our candidate. In these cases we work together with experienced psychologists.

Through the intensive joint development of the biography over many hours, you and also we get a very clear picture of your potential. In many cases these tests are also used to save consultant time and to give the candidate an "objective certainty". We do not think much of this.

If personnel consultancies or potential employers use psychological tests for selection, we will prepare you for them.

13. can I change the provider or the coach in the consultation?

You cannot change providers without losing the fee you paid. However, NewPlacement offers interesting upgrades if you have been stuck in a measure of another provider for a long time.

You can change coaches within the NewPlacement coaching program if you and the coach feel that continuing to work together is no longer productive.

That is why it is so important that you inform yourself thoroughly on the Internet before the informational interview and that you get to know your personal coach in the informational interview and not just a salesperson. You should also judge your personal coach by his professional background and have confidence in him. Above all, however, the chemistry must be right.