OutPlacement / career counseling
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We support with holistic and individual offers 
o Executive, VP & C-Level (PremiumPlacement)
o Executives & specialists (NewPlacement-Coaching)
o Specialists OutPlacement-Consulting)
for professional job search and career counseling. career counseling at more than 60 locations based on our partnership's own many years of NewPlacement and management experience.

We are also available to companies in fair, relaxed and future-oriented severance management and support those involved in full confidentiality. We recommend giving those affected a budget for the free choice of provider, methodology and coach. Ultimately, their future is at stake.


Our coaches with special management experience at board and executive level provide support with 
o Difficult starting positions
o Access to unpublished vacancies
o inverse headhunting
o direct placement
o Career development
NewPlacement coaches benefit from their own and partner industry experience and networks.
We understand people, companies and careers.

Further information

On our website you can find out more about the extensive 
o internal career directory
o FAQ about OutPlacement
o LINK: FAQ and explanatory interviews about OutPlacement consulting
o FAQ of the companies
and the horizontal sliders provide very quick information about all phases of career development and professional change.
For an individual and personal assessment, please arrange a non-binding and free information meeting with your future coach or simply send us your questions.

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We guarantee all interested parties absolute confidentiality, non-disclosure of your data and security in accordance with our privacy policy. You can also contact us anonymously. We vouch for this with our more than 30 years of tradition.