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Werner Lessmann

Werner Lessmann

25 years of professional and management experience in the IT and media world, studies in data processing and then classic career at GfK SE (Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung) in Nuremberg as a media specialist and IT specialist in the areas of IT, market and media research. According to the motto "There's magic in every beginning", built up and managed two completely new internationally operating profit centers. As Chief Information Officer (CIO), gained further management experience in a highly complex environment of a market characterized by tight political guidelines. As a result, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of human nature, which formed the foundation for balancing diverging interests, defining and implementing common goals and, last but not least, achieving highly regarded sales successes. Today, targeted use of this wealth of experience as a NewPlacement coach for the benefit of clients and passionate support in overcoming obstacles on the way to a new beginning. Distinct knowledge of human behavior in personal as well as business relationships gives clients a space to reflect on their situation and move on to "new magic". Co-owner of NewPlacement AG and managing director of NewPlacement Löffler + Partner GmbH.

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Werner Lessmann

Born in January 1957 in Munich, Bavarian cosmopolitan, resident in Nuremberg for over 30 years, 1 adult daughter, 3 other younger children, happily married, chess player, great strategic sense, leadership and decision-making skills, own qualifying separation experience. Passing on wide-ranging expertise from many years of leadership and self-experienced separation management. Lover of exotic palms and strong smelling roses. Drawing peace, strength and relaxation from the beauty of nature and its plants. Great interest in permanent, especially psychological further education and personal development. Most important aspiration: to open the door to new perspectives for clients, to encourage them to go their own way, to look ahead and to approach the necessary changes with drive in order to reach their goal quickly and effectively.

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