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OutPlacement consulting

The classic: outplacement consulting is well established on the market, and over the years thousands of candidates have benefited from it.

If your profile and your targets are clearly defined, this may be the right service for you. We offer you a free initial consultation to clarify your needs with no obligation. Based on this talk we will prepare an individualized offer and define an action plan for you and your consultant.

Our experience has shown that outplacement consulting is especially suitable for general occupational profiles of lower and some middle management levels as well as for highly qualified specialists. The support you receive will be individualized and will meet the highest quality standards.

Group outplacement


Empowering those affected Slipping into passivity is a real danger for someone who is facing dismissal and possible unemployment. We help people affected by job loss to become active job seekers and take responsibility for their own futures.


Social responsibility

Should your company need to dismiss a large number of employees, group outplacement is a highlyeffective way your management and works councils can put their social responsibility into action. Positive social compensation planning With our services, you do not merely "compensate" employees financially. Your company actually helps those employees affected to solve their most pressing problem: finding the right job as quickly as possible.


Better chances on the job market

Individual consultations combined with application workshops over several days significantly increase participants chances of finding a new job. Forming a receiving/rescuing company or training organization can have a deceptive placebo effect, creating an illusion of security instead of immediately focusing on the key need - prompt, responsible reorientation.


How our concept works

Setting clear targets

We lay a solid foundation for each candidate to succeed. We help our candidates to achieve clarity about their strengths and weaknesses and find the self-confidence to set their own targets. Applicants are more successful when they take full responsibility for their own professional future.

Applicant workshops

Our experience has shown that three-day workshops in simple hotels or guest houses near the company are most effective. Ten to twelve participants per workshop is an optimal group size.


Individual consultation

Individual talks with each applicant should start shortly after the workshops and continue for at least three months.


Why NewPlacement?


Since 1989 we have conducted scores of group outplacement processes in companies reducing their headcounts by five to 180 positions.



Depending on the region and the number of individual consultations booked, 60 - 80% of candidates have found suitable new positions within just three months.



If you have a larger group, we can provide qualified consultants nationwide.


Consultant partners

Your consultant will work with you to customize each workshop before conducting it personally.



The costs for each participant are between 3,000 and 5,000 (plus VAT) depending on the size of the group and the number of individual consultations provided.


Public funding

These costs can be cut in half through a grant from the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) if the conditions of § 216a SGB III are met. We will be happy to help you apply for this subsidy