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The NewPlacement OnlineCoaching is primarily aimed at expatriates in worldwide use as well as executives in the context of career support and of prevention of job loss. Furthermore, it should relieve the hr-managers to care of their expatriates. It bridges space & time and, in contrast to animated eCoaching solutions, is carried out by coaches from a real person with years of own management experience at a high level. The communication channels and language are adapted to the respective situation.
Some examples where NewPlacement OnlineCoaching has already proven its worth: Ad hoc coaching for board members and managing directors Coaching of our candidates at application appointments abroad Job insurance for candidates who have found a new international challenge Training for Internet-based accessment centers Prevention in case of acute risk of job loss Non-binding information sessions for expatriates or managers who are abroad and want to orient themselves internationally.
The fee can be set in time units (starting quarter hours) or within the framework of NewPlacement Coaching contracts. Interesting prepaid versions are also possible.