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NewPlacement AG - deutsch
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NewPlacement AG - french

NewPlacement consulting and coaching


NewPlacement goes a step beyond classic outplacement by combining consulting with management coaching. Outplacement provides you with competent help and support in

  • Processing and moving beyond the loss of your job
  • Defining your targets and planning your career
  • Putting together an effective, market-oriented application
  • Finding suitable job openings
  • Preparing yourself for job interviews
  • Making the right decision when you are offered a contract


Getting to know us

Whether you are representing a company or are interested in our services for yourself, we offer you an initial consultation with one of our coaches so you can find out more about the expert support we provide for your next career move. This consultation is free of charge, and there is no further obligation for you.


Real talk with real people

In our first talk, we'll take plenty of time to listen to you, to find out what has happened, and to answer any questions you may have about the outplacement process itself: what you can expect of us, and what we will expect of you.


Looking at your life

In meetings lasting four to six hours each, we will work with you to define your unique strengths and the highlights of your career so far. This will give your coach a deep understanding of you and how you work. And looking back on your own achievements and successes will give you fresh confidence to face the future.

NewPlacement goes one step further by providing you with personal coaching: looking back at your achievements as a manager, but also at your part in tensions, poor performance and ruptures in relationships. It's challenging. But going through this process with a person who understands you and your motivations strengthens your potential for the future - insight leads to foresight.



You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behavior, build up your confidence and be able to present yourself with conviction and authenticity in job interviews. And your coach will have the necessary foundation to advise you effectively throughout the rest of the process.


Fast to market

Three weeks after you start NewPlacement coaching, you will be ready to present yourself to the market - provided, of course, that you have made yourself available for this coaching throughout these entire three weeks.


Proper positioning

We understand candidates, companies and career paths. And we support you in defining your own targets effectively and with empathy, as setting realistic goals is a prerequisite for finding the right job.