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Real-life results: The fisherman


Karsten G., 47 years old, is responsible for managing an electronically controlled "chaotic" high bay warehouse. You know, those huge boxes, dark inside, where rail-guided stackers move like invisible hands storing and fetching pallets. The runs and times have been optimized and are managed by IT programs. Karsten has no problem at all with the processes and technology. He's already been working here for 12 years, helped to construct the warehouse and above all, its electronic internal workings. He later became a manager.

But problems are on the rise in the order-picking warehouse, where 23 employees and a number or temporary workers are busy preparing and loading goods deliveries. Karsten has developed a short temper, becoming more and more thin-skinned until problems with his management style start leading to losses in efficiency and faulty deliveries. After a few "rescue attempts" Karsten and the company go their separate ways by mutual agreement. Luckily for him, his severance package includes the costs for NewPlacement coaching.

In coaching we are able to help him identify leadership issues, but of course his tendency to overreact cannot be switched off overnight. And this prevents his job interviews from being successful.

After around three months we take stock of what has happened so far. Karsten is depressed; that is to be expected. We consider repositioning his application and/or changing our strategy. At this point we often look at the "impossible", for example "unrealistic dreams" which are often linked to hobbies.

Karsten is a passionate fisherman. Here is the counterbalance to his choleric streak; here finds himself at peace. But how can that be turned into a career? Finding an answer to that question demands creative, positive, solution-oriented thinking. Where do city dwellers go fishing these days? In commercial fishing ponds, of course. How about leasing one? No sooner said than done.

But Karsten was used to a higher income, and poolside sales of fresh fish didn't fill the gap. If there wasn't enough passing trade at the pools, then why not take the fish to the customers?

Today Karsten and his wife not only manage leased fishing ponds, but also a thriving city fish shop where you can buy the very freshest trout, pike, carp and tench, etc.

His choleric streak has taken a back seat in these surroundings. This is an exceptional case, but life is full of such opportunities if you only look for them. This is a real case. Names and places have been changed to protect privacy.