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NewPlacement AG
Meisenstraße 96
33607 Bielefeld Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 521 8009368
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E-Mail: info@NewPlacement.de

NewPlacement AG - deutsch
NewPlacement AG - deutsch
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NewPlacement AG - french
  • Christof Küchler

    The holistic and individual


    NewPlacement goes a step beyond classic outplacement by combining consulting with management coaching and aspects of marketing & sales.

  • Angela Babel

    The holistic and individual

    Candidate viewpoint

    Optimizing your application process - NewPlacement coaching is based on the insight that successful managers are often experts in their fields but less so in marketing themselves.

  • Norbert Roseneck

    The holistic and individual

    Company viewpoint

    Safeguarding your reputation and workflow - Providing constructive support for a manager's reorientation rather than mere "compensation" will smooth the difficult process of severance and prevent damage to your company's reputation.

  • Sabine Knierim Tribouillier

    The holistic and individual

    Career coaching

    Coaching originated in competitive sports, where it is used to increase both individual and team performance. This concept has found its way into the business world


    About us - our approach

    Innovative methods - NewPlacement takes classic outplacement consulting to the next level: a holistic, individualized approach.

  • Various


    Can I switch outplacement companies during my consultations? - Do you use psychological testing? - Why doen´t NewPlacement use video training? - What do you tell my company about me? - and so on ...



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NewPlacement.com International Zürich | OutPlacement Coaching & Career Management
Bahnhofstrasse 98/100
CH-8001 Zürich
Coaching in the Regus Office Center
Phone : +41 43 508 12 73 (within Switzerland)
Phone: 0800 873 6686 (within Germany)
Phone: +49 521 8009368 (international)
Information meeting free of charge and without obligation




For more than 25 years we have been developing classic outplacement, professional job search, inverse headhunting, direct placement, career consulting and coaching into our successful NewPlacement. In the professional job search we advise management, C-level, executives and specialists until success and with guarantee as well as companies in fair separation processes with their employees on a fee basis. You can convince yourself of this in Zürich and more than 60 other locations in a non-binding and free information session with one of our senior partners with management experience. Our candidates benefit from the cumulative know-how and networks of the NewPlacement partnership within our learning organization.
We understand people, companies and careers.

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