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Mr Peter Mörs - Profile

Practically orientated vocational training and a degree in engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Professional activities that have been deliberately matched to each other in a range of different functions - executive manager in many, varied specialty departments. Diversity and objectivity. Action focus: enterprises in the IT and communications industries.
Ten years working for IBM in Germany, France, Scotland and the USA as an executive in production and in product management. Consultant and manager.
Over 10 years as Managing Directors of the German branch office of an American corporation and of a German enterprise.
Founder and executive shareholder of a software specialist enterprise involved in production management.
Enthusiastic about computerisation, Industry 4.0 and "new work". Held talks, published works, set up organisations, made them successful, developed employees, trained teams. Pursued the question: how can I achieve win-win solutions? And found the answer in in-depth analyses of my communication partners' personal and professional decision criteria.
A broad range of further training to develop my personality, manage conflict, in communication and presentation techniques, psychology. Completed training as a new placement coach, senior partner of NewPlacement AG.
Motto? “Do or do not. There is no try.” (Yoda, the Jedi Master)

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