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NewPlacement AG
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NewPlacement AG - deutsch
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NewPlacement AG - french

Our approach


Innovative methods

NewPlacement takes classic outplacement consulting to the next level: a holistic, individualized approach. We use innovative tools from marketing, sales and ITC and provide you with close, personal, professional support to help you stay a step ahead on the job market.


Committed consultants

We take time to listen to you. But in no way does that slow down your application process: on the contrary!


Fast to market

Three weeks after you start NewPlacement coaching, you will be ready to present yourself to the market.



The process of gaining insight and setting yourself objectives gives you not only better chances in the job market, but also fresh confidence for the future.


Individual and personal

You will not find standardized consultation and application packages with us. Our individualized services are designed to help you help yourself. You make the decisions that affect you.


Broad experience

Our work is based on a valuable background of experience in HR management, psychology, marketing and sales, IT and a wide range of business sectors. Gerd Löffler, our founder, has been a pioneer in German outplacement consulting since 1989 and works together with American and Dutch outplacement trainers. Our dedicated team of ten partners is growing and communicates continuously with one another to share and utilize resources. Many of our candidates have also contributed to the development of our methods.

Quality consulting and coaching with our partners

Career coaching is a demanding, psychological process that cannot work successfully with tests and standard questions. It requires a mature coach experienced in management: someone who listens carefully, speaks your language and understands your world.


Our commitment is genuine

"Holistic methods" means we will be with you until you have taken the next step in your career path: finding a good position and completing the statutory probationary period.


Our fees

We calculate our fees only after we have met you. That is because we are able to estimate the commitment involved only after we have an impression of you and your educational background, your willingness to move and what your goals are. Of course we can also arrange for individual, modular fees. Qualified work has its price - but this price must also be justified by the quality of service and results your coach provides.


Our candidates success

Nearly 100% of our candidates find new positions, even in very tight job markets. And this remains the same even in the present economic situation, the only change being that longer consultation periods are sometimes necessary.