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  • Christof Küchler

    The holistic and individual


    NewPlacement goes a step beyond classic outplacement by combining consulting with management coaching and aspects of marketing & sales.

  • Angela Babel

    The holistic and individual

    Candidate viewpoint

    Optimizing your application process - NewPlacement coaching is based on the insight that successful managers are often experts in their fields but less so in marketing themselves.

  • Norbert Roseneck

    The holistic and individual

    Company viewpoint

    Safeguarding your reputation and workflow - Providing constructive support for a manager's reorientation rather than mere "compensation" will smooth the difficult process of severance and prevent damage to your company's reputation.

  • Sabine Knierim Tribouillier

    The holistic and individual

    Career coaching

    Coaching originated in competitive sports, where it is used to increase both individual and team performance. This concept has found its way into the business world


    About us - our approach

    Innovative methods - NewPlacement takes classic outplacement consulting to the next level: a holistic, individualized approach.

  • Various


    Can I switch outplacement companies during my consultations? - Do you use psychological testing? - Why doen´t NewPlacement use video training? - What do you tell my company about me? - and so on ...


Our methodology - Our promise
Quality Promise
In our experience, the demanding, psychologically based work of career coaching cannot be successfully carried out with tests and standard inquiries. What is needed is a coach with management and life experience who listens carefully and understands the candidate in his world and language from his own management experience. That is why our SeniorPartners are personally committed to our candidates. They combine their own management experience with our proven, psychologically sound "holistic and individualising method" and guarantee coaching at eye level based on the full-day biography.
Innovative methods
NewPlacement is the further development of classic outplacement consulting into a "holistic and individualising method". With innovative tools from the areas of marketing, sales and ICT as well as intensive, individual, professional support, our candidates gain a face in the crowd and a clear advantage in the applicant market.
High consultant commitment
We take time for our candidates. However, this in no way means a delay in their application activities. Quite the contrary!
Early "marketability"
Every branded company knows that you should never put an immature product on the market. That's why our senior partners usually work more than 30 hours in direct consultation and in the follow-up or preparatory work for a unique selling proposition and a successful market launch. Our candidates are usually well prepared on the market within 3 weeks after the start of the NewPlacement Coaching.
In this process of recognition and goal-finding, the self-awareness of our candidates usually recovers and reactivates. The candidate recognises the basis for his strong offer to the labour market simply by the full-day biography with the lifting of the "gold pieces in the sand" or 150-200 performance and experience values.
You will not get to know standardized consulting and application procedures with us. We understand our service as help for self-help. Every candidate remains the "decisive" person in his or her life. Strategy and thoroughness come before speed. Not the quick, but the right job decision with the "chance afterwards" is our common challenge.
Diverse experience
Our work is based on a wealth of experience in business management, human resources management and psychology, marketing & sales, information technology, as well as a wide range of industry experience and networks beyond all Senior Partners. The NewPlacement methodology is based on Gerd Löffler, who developed outplacement further with American and Dutch outplacement trainers back in 1989. In 2002, Hans-Christoph Nagel, co-founder of NewPlacement AG, introduced many elements from the marketing & sales departments of branded companies. This is how the current NewPlacement coaching of NewPlacement AG developed over the years. Our senior partner team of around thirty people, which is growing in a targeted manner, is a constant creative pool for the further development of our methodology and bundles resources through constant contact with each other. Many of our candidates have also contributed to the further development of our methodology.
Honest commitment
For us, "Holistic Method" also means accompanying the candidate during his professional reorientation until he has reached the strategically correct position that fills him with the "chance afterwards" and secured it during the probationary period.
Fee - Reason
We calculate our fee individually according to the personal meeting of the candidate. Only when we have information about education, mobility, appearance, age and personal objectives can we roughly estimate the consulting costs. Of course, an individualized and modular fee can also be agreed upon. Qualified work has its price, which is justified by qualified work, commitment of the coach and his many years of management experience.
Success of the candidates
Almost 100% of our candidates find a new challenge - even in very tight labour markets. Average application times until signing a contract or starting a job vary greatly depending on the industry, management level, age, mobility and of course luck that the appropriate demand exists or can be created on the job market.