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  • Christof Küchler

    The holistic and individual


    NewPlacement goes a step beyond classic outplacement by combining consulting with management coaching and aspects of marketing & sales.

  • Angela Babel

    The holistic and individual

    Candidate viewpoint

    Optimizing your application process - NewPlacement coaching is based on the insight that successful managers are often experts in their fields but less so in marketing themselves.

  • Norbert Roseneck

    The holistic and individual

    Company viewpoint

    Safeguarding your reputation and workflow - Providing constructive support for a manager's reorientation rather than mere "compensation" will smooth the difficult process of severance and prevent damage to your company's reputation.

  • Sabine Knierim Tribouillier

    The holistic and individual

    Career coaching

    Coaching originated in competitive sports, where it is used to increase both individual and team performance. This concept has found its way into the business world


    About us - our approach

    Innovative methods - NewPlacement takes classic outplacement consulting to the next level: a holistic, individualized approach.

  • Various


    Can I switch outplacement companies during my consultations? - Do you use psychological testing? - Why doen´t NewPlacement use video training? - What do you tell my company about me? - and so on ...


Professional separation management

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1. Annulment. Peter, the Human Resources Manager and guardian of the corporate culture, negotiates the separation with Felix and Manfred, supported by Works Councilor Bettina. For this purpose, a termination agreement is to be concluded, which contains all the adjusting screws of the new-placement model. Manfred. supported by lawyer Alex, focuses on dramatising the separation and maximising the severance pay. Felix has his sights set on his future outside this oasis and tends to the support of a guide through the "application desert" suggested by Peter. Who goes the better way?
Business Dialogue for Human Resources Managers

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2. Preselection. Peter, the human resources manager and guardian of the corporate culture, has pre-selected three outplacement providers for the departing manager Felix. Now Felix can choose between the different methods and career guides. Manager Manfred, nicknamed "Money", has first sought help from lawyer Alex and will await the verdict of Judge Ricarda before continuing his career path with an optimized financial cushion, but without the support of a coach. The remaining employees observe especially Peter and Felix, but also Manfred when he goes it alone.


3. Information meetings. The outgoing manager Felix informs herself in detail about the methodology of two outplacement providers and checks the experience and "chemistry" of both coaches. For him, the professional future is more important than the last severance payment. Manager Manfred, nicknamed "Money", is arguing in court after he rejected the outplacement offer of HR manager Peter and preferred to listen to his lawyer Alex regarding maximizing severance pay. The remaining employees are watching the modalities of the separations with increasing interest.

4. Full day biography. Gerd, the experienced guide through the job application desert, sits together with Felix for a whole day and writes a biography to understand Felix's performance and experience, goals, attitudes as well as strengths and weaknesses. Only then can he define goals and paths together with Felix and set out on his journey. Many "gold pieces" from Felix's professional career were no longer present. Full of self-confidence, he is now looking forward to setting off for a new oasis with Gerd. Manager Manfred sets off on his own.

5. Departure. The retiring manager Felix has decided to join NewPlacement and, together with his coach Gerd, sets out on a new professional challenge, full of expectation. Human Resources Manager and guardian of the corporate culture Peter had prepared everything perfectly and recorded everything in a fair termination agreement. Peter and Felix say goodbye without grudge and the remaining employees are positively impressed. Meanwhile, the manager Manfred, who had preferred to rely on lawyer Alex and judge Ricarda, continues his hike through the desert on his own.
Business Dialogue for Human Resources Managers

6. Never walk alone. Optimistic and full of expectation, the retired manager Felix and his NewPlacement coach Gerd are making their way through the job market. They also pass by employee Manfred, nicknamed "Money", who, without support, seems increasingly disoriented with the multitude of processes in the job application market. He cannot return to his former oasis, his water (severance pay) is largely used up and lawyer Alex can't help any more. But Manfred had not taken the care of Peter, the human resources manager and guardian of the Grail of corporate culture, seriously.

7. Time limit. Optimistic and full of expectation, the retired manager Felix and his NewPlacement coach Gerd are making their way through the job market. The direction is clear after a full-day biography, benefit analysis and goal setting. In the process, they also pass by a manager who had opted for temporary outplacement support. After this time limit has expired without success, she is now on her own. Hopefully the longed-for new challenge / oasis is still achievable. Felix is glad that his coach Gerd will stand by his side until success. Our remarks for personnel managers

8. Groups. Optimistic and full of expectation, the retired manager Felix and his NewPlacement coach Gerd are making their way through the job market. In the process, he also passes employees who are on the road in a standardized group measure. Felix is glad that personnel manager and guardian of the corporate culture Peter advised him to use an individualized measure. Given the particular challenges Felix now faces, a standardized procedure would not have been target-oriented and sufficient.

9. Interview. Felix presents himself in a new oasis. Within the framework of Essenzion, he has prepared himself intensively and purposefully together with Gerd. In doing so, they have individualized the 50 most important demand factors that are in focus for the oasis decision-makers in terms of filling and functionality for the advertised position from Felix's professional career. In doing so, Felix wants to give the decision-makers a high degree of certainty with regard to the matching process. At the same time, however, he also wants to reflect for himself in the course of the matching process whether this position is strategically right for him in the long term.

10. Self-employment. Felix is seriously considering building his own oasis and is glad to have Gerd, an experienced NewPlacement coach, at his side. He could afford the financial start. But is the concept sustainable in the future? The business plan collects and takes all the facts into account. But much more important is the discussion with Gerd regarding "towards" and "away from". A new contract in another oasis would be helpful here, so that Felix can make a decision between "security" and independence. Felix has weighed everything and decided to take up employment again.

11. Success. The retired manager Felix has made it together with his NewPlacement coach Gerd. The new strategically correct job has been found. Full of gratitude, Felix thinks back to the HR manager and guardian of the culture of his previous company Peter. To make the success perfect, however, he must now integrate into the new community with the help of his coach Gerd. So far, he has only convinced the hiring decision-makers in the job interviews. Now the colleagues, employees and interfaces must also be won over for future-oriented and team-oriented cooperation.
Business Dialogue for Human Resources Managers

12. Job insurance. Within the framework of job insurance, Felix now wants to win over the employees, colleagues and interfaces for himself after the decision-makers in the application process. He also has an attentive eye on the potential internal title aspirant, who was hoping for his new job. If he loses the meta-level here, coach Gerd is at his side. The elaborate organizational constellation that Gerd worked out with Felix before the start also helps here. In this way Felix integrates himself cautiously into the community, his early warning system helps him to recognize and deal with problems in time. If, contrary to all expectations, the company's promises are not fulfilled, Gerd is on hand in the form of a guarantee package until the next success in another company. Continuation in 3-5 years, if at all ...

This story will be continued in May 2021 with the theme of career guidance.
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