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  • Christof Küchler

    The holistic and individual


    NewPlacement goes a step beyond classic outplacement by combining consulting with management coaching and aspects of marketing & sales.

  • Angela Babel

    The holistic and individual

    Candidate viewpoint

    Optimizing your application process - NewPlacement coaching is based on the insight that successful managers are often experts in their fields but less so in marketing themselves.

  • Norbert Roseneck

    The holistic and individual

    Company viewpoint

    Safeguarding your reputation and workflow - Providing constructive support for a manager's reorientation rather than mere "compensation" will smooth the difficult process of severance and prevent damage to your company's reputation.

  • Sabine Knierim Tribouillier

    The holistic and individual

    Career coaching

    Coaching originated in competitive sports, where it is used to increase both individual and team performance. This concept has found its way into the business world


    About us - our approach

    Innovative methods - NewPlacement takes classic outplacement consulting to the next level: a holistic, individualized approach.

  • Various


    Can I switch outplacement companies during my consultations? - Do you use psychological testing? - Why doen´t NewPlacement use video training? - What do you tell my company about me? - and so on ...


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Job at risk
Checklist to assess your professional situation or professional reorientation Trouble and stress at work and possibly with the boss, owner, colleagues or supervisory board? On the meta-level, NewPlacement goal-setting coaching helps you find your way back to the joy of your current job or the clarity and security you need to start a new professional future. The key question here is how much more you want to earn before you retire. And what part of it do you want to invest to secure your career? This cost-benefit analysis helps. 1. Your star is sinkingThey receive less attention in the company. Your statements in meetings / committees are no longer taken seriously. They try to challenge you extremely and discuss mistakes.2. Decreasing trustYou will be asked more about your approach than about results.3. DistractionSuddenly, your time outside of the job becomes a topic of conversation.4. Decreasing demand for your opinion / hierarchical leapYou are increasingly seeking contact with your employees / managers.5. Promotion to incompetence / degradation / jobs abroadYou are offered a job without meaning or perspective.6. Fewer invitations to meetings or committee workThe supervisory board/owner/supervisor meets more often only with your colleague.7. Delay in exchanging the company car / company mobile phoneOne does not know whether investments in you are still worthwhile.8. Special projects for you, whose results are not interestingThey are entrusted with special projects without a project team and without priority.9. Ratio give (performance) and take (own development)Their own development stands still and no one is interested.10. Exclusion in the information distributorsYou receive less cross-divisional information.11. Division of responsibility with transfer of employees/responsibilityThe remaining competences are glossed over.12. The chemistry to the new bossDid you not support the rapid integration of the new boss enough?13. The curve of salary development weakens / stagnatesIn the case of small salary increases or zero rounds, there are only budgetary reasons.14. The proximity to the successful and the distance to yesterdayJour Fix appointments with your boss are postponed less or more often.15. General conditions "economic situation of the companyAre you still one of the hopefuls that the company will get back on track?16. Rescue ProgramsIf there are still opportunities, conditions are revitalized, intrigues are countered, conflict solutions are worked out, politics and diplomacy are improved, and degradations or career breaks are counteracted. If there is no possibility to save the job or if this fails, an exit strategy must be developed within the framework of job coaching.  Experienced job coaches with excellent industry backgrounds (e.g. automotive, banking, consulting, trade, media, pharmaceutical/medical technology, IT, transport, services, publishing) and management experience at a high level (technology, personnel, finance, marketing, IT, sales) will accompany you individually or in tandem in this precarious situation and will be available to you as managers with supervision.