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NewPlacement AG

OutPlacement - NewPlacement - Karriere Coaching

Tel.: 0800 873 6686 (gebührenfrei)

Tel.: 040 18198668 (Zentrale)


OutPlacement - NewPlacement - Career coaching
NewPlacement AG - deutsch
NewPlacement AG - deutsch

Newplacement AG

Phone within Germany  0800 - 873 6686

Phone from abroad  +49 40 18198668


Transitional employment

Top-quality transition support: our partner network enables us to offer transitional employment in over 300 cities and towns across Germany. A large full-time workforce ensures regional specialization and first-rate training.


Whether you are skilled or unskilled, a specialist or manager or office employee, you are ensured the same high level of quality throughout the entire project: a project designed, managed and specifically oriented to finding you a new position.


The services interim employment companies can provide include: consultation, developing plans to improve your chances of advancement, involving both works councils and employees, developing incentive systems, profiling, developing appropriate qualification measures and applying knowledge of the regional job market.


If you are a manager, NewPlacement AG's partners will support you in finding a new job. If you are interested in our expertise in managing severance processes, contact us. We will be happy to present our services to you personally to develop the right program for your company.