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NewPlacement AG - deutsch
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NewPlacement AG - french

Finding a consultant

"How do I find a suitable outplacement consultant

or NewPlacement coach?"


Whenever you are looking for something, your chances of success improve greatly

if you know exactly what you are looking for:

  • What type of background and experience should your consultant/coach have?
  • How much personal commitment and time do you expect?
  • Are you looking for advice or someone who is a good listener?


Take some time to research outplacement companies on the internet and compare them:

  • Which ones provide you with real information?
  • Which ones do you feel speak to you?
  • Which consultants appeal to you?


Your initial consultation will set the course for your professional future.

Come prepared with clear questions, and expect real answers:

  • Did you talk only with the consultant/coach you will be working with?
  • Did you get concrete answers about the process: who does what and for how long?
  • Did you feel your consultant/coach was speaking to you on equal terms?


How will your coach get to know you personally and your abilities in depth?

  • Will your consultant try get an impression of your individual competences with a "let's correct your homework from our standard handbook" approach?
  • Do you trust the results of a psychological test or your previous accomplishments more?


How much time would you yourself need to get to know someone well enough to be able to help that person reorient his or her career?