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OutPlacement - NewPlacement - Karriere Coaching

Tel.: 0800 873 6686 (gebührenfrei)

Tel.: 040 18198668 (Zentrale)


OutPlacement - NewPlacement - Career coaching
NewPlacement AG - deutsch
NewPlacement AG - deutsch

Newplacement AG

Phone within Germany  0800 - 873 6686

Phone from abroad  +49 40 18198668


Reinhard Nitsche - Profile

Reinhard Nitsche earned his degree in business administration and mechanical engineering and has 20 years professional experience in sales and management as a sales representative, account manager, team leader and senior sales representative in leading IT companies. He has a proven track record of success in selling hardware and software technologies and has established and developed international sales teams and partner sales organizations. His broad education covers personality development, sales strategies, self-presentation techniques, conflict management, communication and questioning techniques. He has also continued his psychological education in conversational therapy, body awareness, self-awareness and relaxation techniques. Reinhard Nitsche has personally experienced severance several times through company and personal change.

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