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OutPlacement - NewPlacement - Karriere Coaching

Tel.: 0800 873 6686 (gebührenfrei)

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NewPlacement AG - deutsch
NewPlacement AG - deutsch

Newplacement AG

Phone within Germany  0800 - 873 6686

Phone from abroad  +49 40 18198668


Burkhard Pache - Profile

Since 1978, Burkhard Pache has gathered more than 20 years experience in leadership, management and overall commercial responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry, including German subsidiaries of Merck & Co Inc. (headquartered in New Jersey, USA), The Boots Company PLC in Nottingham, UK and Sanofi-Aventis in Paris, France. Since 2000 he has been an independent interim manager in commercial management functions and as a CFO for various pharmaceutical, bioengineering and medical engineering companies. His specializations include recruitment, personal development, outplacement, crisis management and startups, as well as developing and implementing financial concepts and internal controlling and management systems. Burkhard Pache is also experienced in business optimization, restructuring and redeveloping business divisions, conducting silent liquidations and relocating companies. He trained as a NewPlacement coach with Gerd Löffler and Hans-Christoph Nagel and is inspired by the holistic NewPlacement approach.

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