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Our vision


Embracing uniqueness

We know that people are individuals, each with a unique set of character traits and skills. "Strengths and weaknesses" are always relative to the demands of the task at hand - and these demands can vary tremendously from position to position and from company to company. That's why we focus on your strengths as they relate to the type of job you are looking for. And that's why every outplacement process we offer is customized to the personality and needs of the candidate we are supporting. There is no standard program at NewPlacement.


Learning from successes, mistakes and failures

Let's be honest: everyone's life has both successes and failures. What's important is to recognize the patterns to your successes and failures so that you can learn from them. Consider the story of a man who


  • At 31 failed in business
  • At 32 lost an election
  • At 33 failed again in business
  • At 35 was faced with the death of his fiancée
  • At 36 had a nervous breakdown
  • At 38 lost another election
  • At 43 lost a congressional election
  • At 46 lost another congressional election
  • At 48 lost another congressional election
  • At 55 lost a senatorial election
  • At 56 lost a bid for vice-president
  • At 58 lost another senatorial election
  • At 60 was elected president of the United States


That man was Abraham Lincoln.


What would have happened if he had given up and called himself a loser?


Trust, mutual respect and discretion are the essential fundamentals of our NewPlacement coaching.


Compassion and commitment

We have the time and the skills to listen to you. And we listen not only to the information you give us, but also to your feelings. In working with you to find solutions, we are both compassionate and challenging; we rely not only on our expertise, but on the strong commitment of both our candidates and our coaches. And remember: a constructive controversy will usually take you farther than polite, but dead silence.


Professional ethics

Our partners have made a conscious decision for a challenging and fascinating line of work. We give committed and professional support to people who are at a stage in their lives that is stressful, but full of opportunity. And the individuals and companies we help honor our work: our own success is the result of their appreciation.